Becoming an adult passport, infantile people are not ready to build relations with other members of society, it is difficult to find work all for the same reason. All anything, but such people marry early, and now the entire care falls on the spouse. In marriage, all the negative traits of the "child" appear very clearly:1. Egocentrism, as Infante believes that the world revolves around him. 2. The inability to make decisions and inability to exercise will power to manifest in the details.3. Dependency, and it is not only and not so much the material side of the question. Adult child is unable to care for themselves at home, and if in such a marriage have children, then care about them is fully shifted to the spouse who plays the role of "big brother".
In this situation, the infantile maturity of a person depends on spouse or parents, if he is still on their security. All actions should be aimed primarily at changing their own positions. Usually in this situation the wife whose husband spent days lying on the couch and refuses to take responsibility, begins to nag him. In response, he begins a game of make-believe. To disappear the child, he must first lose the "parent". And for this we need to stand on the position of the adult who has ceased to care about "baby" and nurture it.
The reaction of the infantile man, who robbed him of his bright rainbow world of irresponsibility, can be different. First he will try to return the situation to its previous status. Most likely, he will pretend to be helpless, to put pressure on the pity. If the wife/mother will bravely hold the position of an adult, the infant will begin to recover from his illness. The second scenario – the child will lose interest and go on to find a new "mom". If the attempted cure has taken my mother, he had run away from her marriage; if the wife, then such marriage will come to an end.
In fact, excessively pushing their child/husband, mother/wife also gets something in return. She feels needed, useful. If the mother does not have enough arguments to change the situation, then she needs to come to an understanding that her child will never be truly happy in adult life, being unadapted to the realities, he will suffer. Wife often themselves tired of the infantile men, and they are specific arguments do not have to look. Even if there is fear of divorce, you need to understand that a Mature man and immature still don't get along.