Today on the shelves you can see more plastic bottles of water, and at the entrances of a lot of ads about shipping butilirovannoy water. Trading network gladly take water in plastic containers to implement, as it has a great shelf life.

Under normal conditions, the water begins to change under the influence of light and heat, and after some time, bacteria trapped in the water give it an unpleasant smell and taste. But as water is stored in the supermarkets? The fact that all the water in plastic bottles, manufacturers of canned.

Methods of preservation there are several:

• Add antibiotic;
• Carbonation;
• Ozonation.

Water, canned the first method, can be stored for a very long time. But the presence of antibiotics can harm your health and lower your immunity.

Aeration and ozonation - a harmless way of preserving, but to store such water will be until you open the bottle. So after you unpack the bottle this water you need to drink for several days.

How to store water in a plastic bottle

If you buy butilirovannoy water, to store it you need to select a dark place in the kitchen or in the pantry. Optimum storage temperature water – 15-30 degrees Celsius. Keep the water, which was poured recently and produce in your area - it retains more nutrients. Pay special attention to the plastic, made of bottle for water storage.

In a plastic bottle to store water

The container in which water is stored must be made of plastic of food grade. On the package marking PET bottles are made from a substance called pet, it does not react with water and is safe for human health. Never store water in a bottle marked with PVC. The material from which it is made, has toxic properties. Never store water in bottles made of melamine.

If the bottle there is no information, there is an easy way to check to which class it belongs to. You need to press a nail in one of the sections of the bottle. On PVC plastics will arise whitish "scar", and PET containers will remain unchanged. Recognize the capacity of melamine is possible, slightly knocking on it – the sound is muffled.

The retention period of water in a plastic bottle

Canned water in a plastic bottle can be stored from six to twelve months.Once you open the bottle, water can be stored up to ten days.

Except for the expiration date on the water there is the term "utility". This time, after which, most of the nutrients in the water, will lose their properties. Therefore, getting water in a plastic bottle, look at the date of bottling – the fresher the water, the longer you will be able to keep it.