The choice of drinking water be sure to start with the labels, because it contains information about what is in the bottle. If the label is faded, carelessly printed and poorly pasted, be sure that the water is of similar quality.
To drinking water include artesian, spring, purified, mineral and aerated water. If the label indicates that the water artificially mineralized, it means that the natural water was subjected to several stages of purification. Multiple filtration purifies water not only harmful, but also from nutrients, so after clearing it adds a variety of minerals and salts. Such water quality, but very poorly perceived by the body.
Pay attention to the shelf life of water. Plastic bottles it can not be stored for more than 1.5 years, and in glass – more than 2 years.
View below the label was the address, the phone number of the manufacturer and place of manufacture of the water. This information is very important to protect your rights in the future.
In addition, the label must include a reference to the fact that the water produced according to TU (technical conditions) and standards. Certification is confirmed by a special badge of conformity - Shamrock circled around. In this note specify the existence of a normative document, which corresponds to water.
Look at the color of the water. If it is cloudy, has sediment on the bottom or film on the surface is the first sign of improper manufacture or improper storage of water.
Do not buy drinking water in areas with high risk natural markets, wholesale markets, bazaars, stalls and suspicious.
Avoid buying water unknown to you brands that are too low cost, with difficult to read labels or no.