Guy, girl and their costs

Some girls believe that if they meet with a young man, he has to give the other half the money. Actually, this is not the right thought. The fact that the guy can actually pay the bill in a cafe or restaurant, tickets to a concert or to the cinema. In General, he shall bear the expenses for visits with his lovely lady. However, this does not mean that the young man is obliged to pay for the clothing of his favorite women, beauty salons, fitness clubs, gyms, solariums, hair removal and other services. Girls have to do to earn money to look attractive.

As for Dating, even in those cases women can do to pay not only for himself, but for her boyfriend that if they themselves initiated the visit of an institution.

Husband, wife and their costs

If we consider the relationship not of lovers young people whose relationships have just begun to develop, and to appeal to families, can come to completely different conclusion. When the husband works and the woman does daily chores, raising children, cooking dinner, maintaining the home clean and tidy, creating a homey, family atmosphere, and for the work she has neither the time nor the energy, the husband is obliged to give the money. This is true not only of household expenditure (purchase of foodstuffs, medicines, stationery goods, household products, furniture and interior, household appliances, etc.), and expenses for personal needs of the fair sex. These include a Solarium, Spa salons, hairdressing services, manicure and pedicure, visiting beautician, massage therapist, memberships at fitness centers, gyms, buying cosmetics, personal hygiene products, and clothing and much more.

If the woman doesn't bother with domestic duties, has its own source of income and all the household chores performs along with his spouse, he may not give her money for expenses that relate only to her personal needs. It can allocate money just for General family needs, the wife's contribution to family budget, too, is not ruled out. However, I can't speak specifically about whether that man, or whether something woman. It all depends on the relationship between two people, because every family has its own rules and regulations.