Thanks for the attention, given its scale. For example, do not crumble pleasantries, if your man got you in the door to the room, inviting you to log in first, it's – the basic rules of etiquette that need encouragement in the form of a smile or nod of the head. And when it comes to these gifts, the joy, and gratitude should be commensurate with the surprise.
A gift is not always something tangible, for example, a garment or a huge bouquet in the form of red hearts. Don't forget to encourage those signs of attention that are impossible to touch hands. Next time you're going to pout that favorite man completely forgot about you, remember how he invited you to a concert of your favorite artist or what he ordered for you a Serenade under the balcony of the summer house in the resort.
Don't tell him about his greed, or he's not just offended, but not stop to make you a surprise. Instead, subtly acknowledge his positive qualities: kindness, shrewdness, sensitivity. It is nice to know that you appreciate him, and he will make sure you have a pleasant surprise more than once. But if in all the time you were together, he never gave you a gift, do it first – hand him what he had long dreamed of, for no particular reason. Self-respecting man will find a way to answer you a nice reward.
Prepacyte out of the benefits of education from you "real bitches" who are just waiting to be showered with money from head to toe. First, the man quickly guess your intention from the behaviour, and secondly, understand what you want – a loving person or a money bag. Act natural, be gentle, loving and desirable, and then your other half will not stint neither on reciprocity nor on gifts.