Choose the right time and place for requests. The easiest way to push a man to the idea to spend money on you, is to ask to do it. Sometimes it is better not to be shy, and to approach the beloved and to say that you would like to get him a present. This method can work, if you resort to it extremely seldom and really the case. Moreover, it is better to choose the moment when your better half is relaxed and is in a good mood.
Resort to womanly wiles to get their way. Of course, it's not always nice and honest, but on that and there are women to adorn the lives of men and make them do things, which they gladly would have tried to avoid. If you want the man bought you any new clothes, flatter him, tell him he looks so good that you are close to him "pale" and feel uncomfortable, but in a new dress everything will fall into place and you will meet your beloved. Believe me, love not just women.
Start to spring surprises to his beloved first. When he sees that you spent on him, he will begin to reciprocate, and your gifts over time can dry out, and he's already accustomed to spend the money. So, your initial investment is soon justified.
Convince your man that you deserve a small gift, seducing him. Sex is a powerful weapon in the fight against principles and beliefs of the stronger sex. We should not talk about their desires directly in the process of action, however, before him or after, when the man can't think almost about anything and will agree to all your suggestions, can I ask beloved what you had long dreamed of. The promise given to you, a real man will not break, and so the fate of its excess funds will be predefined.