Family responsibilities

All the main components on the arrangement, the decoration, the care of children, the Laundry, the cooking, the cleaning, etc., fall in the family of the woman. This is the most common. This begs the question: what role in the family takes the male? Of course, except: to financially support and help in the home life, nothing else comes to mind. This is a classic version of an ordinary family.

At present, a woman wants to feel with a man on equal terms. Naturally, men protesting. Not only that, wife works herself with household chores is not always good, the husband must fend sandwiches, children are sometimes left to themselves, the house is not removed, so she still claims that he is obliged to provide for his family. Agree, angry men in this case is justified. One can understand the position of women: all the household chores to her husband is only busy with making money, which is completely not wants to contribute to the family budget, because the wife also works. Therefore, it is about their income, the woman is not accountable.
In fact, in this family needs to discuss and agree on. It will be easier if both husband and wife will determine what amount of money will leave on their own costs, and some to give to the family budget.

The purpose of creating a family for couples

A woman gets married, to give birth, to create a home cosiness and to surround him with warmth and care, and to receive comfort from men's concerns, feel the "strong shoulder". A man, most often, when a family is driven by the desire to possess the woman.
Most often, the man simply does not understand the responsibility which he assumes for the life of the mother and child before getting married.

A man requires his lady full of giving and caring for yourself, love. All the money he was not accustomed to give to someone, he was spending it on himself. Very often with such a husband a woman becomes "second child", to which she must exercise a lot of patience and gently set it under the family relationships. Therefore, if a woman even if she earns well, of course, need to discuss a joint budget, honestly to make planned expenditures on themselves, on family, on life.

Another option is simply not there. Without trust to each other is not enough. Very often due to reasons of figuring out who owes whom, the family does not get out of conflicts and scandals. Sweet, loving, try to remember how you loved and trusted each other, you need to save your relationship, not to allow life to destroy them. You must help and trust each other.