To meet a woman, you have to look good. Unlikely to be interested person if will be dressed in ripped jeans and a crumpled t-shirt. This does not mean that you have to wear expensive suit and tie. It is important to have a neat appearance. Do not try to look older with clothes — wear something that fits you.
Be smart and show their seriousness. If a grown woman will see your determination, good sense of humor, interests, she will want to meet you. Just walk up to her, make compliments, charm her. Be confident, decisive. So, the woman will see in you a man, not a boy, unsure of himself. A grown woman must have heard in my life a huge amount of compliments, banal and uninteresting. Engage her with your originality. Pre-create beautiful and unusual compliments that are sure to captivate the lady. I sincerely admire her intelligence, beauty, and life views.
Don't overact. A grown woman immediately recognize the falsity and did not want to continue the acquaintance. Don't tell her about his amorous adventures, or about ex-girlfriends. You don't want the lady took you for a frivolous youngster? Start conversations on serious topics, tell her about serious plans for the future, listen to her carefully without interrupting.
If you see that the woman is also interested in you, invite her on a date. It should take place in a relaxed atmosphere. If your companion is a cheerful and mischievous, and bring her to the amusement Park. Certainly none of her peers didn't invite her to this place. So, she'll feel like a young girl. If a woman is serious, call a date in a good restaurant, cinema and any other similar place, but in any case not lead her to ride the carousel. This lady needs to be a different approach.
Show your generosity. There's no need to pour money left and right, just don't skimp on the place where you will spend the night. Even if it's cheap cafes, you must make it clear to the woman that she can order any dish to your taste. In this way you show her you don't mind the money.