If you want to attract a woman older than yourself, remember that they like confident men. Women want to see in a man an independent person, able to cope with difficulties without assistance. If you do not feel in themselves sufficient confidence you need to work on themselves or at least try to hide their uncertainty. Uncertainty, in turn, can manifest itself in many different ways. The most banal of them – attempt to make compliments to a woman when first meeting and out of place. This behavior is very similar to the actions of a teenager who doesn't know what to fill the conversation or awkwardly flattered the woman trying to impress her. Confident in the man himself gives the impression, causing the trust to himself. Try to act that way.

Attracting attention

To attract the attention of a woman who is older than you, you should be interested in her. To do this, exposing, for example, your expensive car will not work. The woman would not pay special attention to detail, her need to communicate. Be interesting to talk to, try to have a conversation on all sorts of topics. If you know what interests a woman, talk about it. Try to talk about literature, music, art, politics, etc. If the woman is much older than you, do not talk about your friends and your common interests. You may still learn. Conversation about it can make a woman to think about her age and that she's older than you.


You should not throw compliments to the women, at the same time appreciate her and respond to her actions. If she laughs at anything, laugh with her. If during a conversation she touches you, do the same thing. If you think she's hot, let her know it. At the same time, try not to focus on her age, otherwise she may think that you are interested in her just because she's older than you. If she talks about your age, respond that you would never have guessed.

Your independence

Independent women appreciate men who are ready to solve their problems and have their own interests. Often say about their favorite classes, Hobbies, interests, things you have to do, etc. If you will constantly talk about their friends and family, a woman may think that you have no personal life, as a man you will cease to be interesting for her.


Your independence and your confidence will surely attract the attention of women. If you feel that you have achieved this, don't delay and schedule a date. Tell me what you nice to talk with her, and you want to continue your conversation. However, take your time and be patient, do not assign a date the next evening. Invite her to meet me next week, let her think you are a very busy person, even if it is not. It will make you even more attractive.