Keep in mind that toddlers experience sleep problems more frequently than adults. Children also have insomnia. But to put such a diagnosis can only physician. Contact your specialist who will be able to look at the problem.
Make sure that your baby is not hungry. A baby cannot tolerate long intervals between feedings, so can't sleep. He may not have enough breast milk. In this case, you should seriously think about feeding — infant formula. You should choose it very carefully on the basis of the physiological characteristics of the baby. And here not to do without the help of a pediatrician, who will tell you to use a mixture to make a choice. Perhaps he will appoint the necessary tests and on the basis of their results recommend a particular product.
Wet diapers can also be a reason why the baby can't sleep. Regularly and change their diapers the baby. If you do not do this, that the child will be diaper rash. Inflammation in the skin are a strong irritant. Pain and burning in the perineum, the child can not sleep. Practice good hygiene, use special creams and ointments, which is struggling with diaper rash.
Illness can also cause that the child could not sleep. If the baby feels bad, he ceases to sleep. A stuffy nose does not allow normal breathing, from colic in the tummy appear a unbearable pain. Various neurological complications, dislocations of joints, which were received during a difficult birth, also gives rest to the baby. Here not to do without experts, who will prescribe the necessary treatment and give you valuable advice and recommendations. Do not neglect their help, because it is crucial to cure all the childhood diseases that the baby was growing healthy and strong.
Your emotional state can also affect the baby's sleep. If you have a lot of nervous, worried about something, the baby feels it. The child should grow up in a healthy environment. Mom needs to always be caring, tender and gentle, and then the baby will not perceive the world as hostile and protest, crying and screaming. After birth in this world for you main must be only child, so try to surround him with a positive aura.
If the baby started to erupt teeth, this could be the reason he can't sleep. Buy special gels, apply them on the gums of the child. Maybe it will help him. If not, will just have to sit this one out.