Reason of crying of the child during sleep

The baby can't talk yet, so the only way to attract the attention of adults – crying. With his help, he tells parents about their needs: perhaps he was cold, his tummy hurts, he's wet or hungry.

It should be noted that not always the cry baby speaks about any problems. Little kids can whine just when I missed my mom, to feel her warmth and presence.

The most common cause of infant crying is hunger. At this age his stomach is quite small, so able to take only a small amount of milk. Very often in the night, he needs additional food. It can therefore cry. In this case, you should attach the baby to the breast to eat. If the baby is on artificial feeding, prepare him a bottle with a fresh mixture. Remember: not all children are able to calm down instantly. If the cause of the weeping was just the hunger, filling the stomach of the sobbing stops.

With regular baby cry, you should pay special attention to the amount of mother's milk and the dynamics of weight gain. Perhaps the child eats not and you need to enter an additional lure. On this issue, seek the assistance of a pediatrician.

If, after feeding of an infant crying has not stopped, you must look for another cause of discontent.

Be sure to check, not going the child to the toilet if he cried at night during sleep. If the cause of the disturbance was discovered, fix it. A baby, even at such a young age, loves the feeling of dryness and comfort.

A very prickly, uncomfortable tight clothes can also force infant toddler act up at night. Try to choose the most comfortable styles of sliders and raspashonok. Ensure that the seams were located outside.
Remember: rough seams on clothing can damage the delicate and sensitive skin of your baby.

Useful tips

If the child is often capricious in her sleep, pay attention to the temperature of the air in the room. For babies comfortable and optimum temperature is 18 degrees.

Some babies can't imagine their life without mommy. That is why, lying alone in a cot, starting to get scared and cry. In this case, the child must be calm, embracing him.

Don't forget that the crying of an infant can represent any disease. On this issue, you should consult with a pediatrician.