Place your baby to sleep at the same time. Before bed be sure to bathe the child in warm water with infusion of herbs and massage, it will help to move the gases. Create your own evening ritual of falling asleep.
The baby slept well, he should not experience hunger. Feed the baby for thirty minutes before bedtime. Then hold it on hands in vertical position so that the child is able to belch trapped with food air. Be sure to wait until the air will be released.
Before going to sleep well ventilate the room. The air in the room should be moist and slightly cool. The more oxygen in the air, the stronger will be the sleep of the baby.
In the evening try not to include loud music and TV to avoid unnecessary noise. Do not expose the child to interact with a large number of people. Create in the house a relaxed, cozy atmosphere that will promote good baby sleep.
Carefully wrap the baby with handles, so they didn't bother him and the child is not scared twitching of his legs and arms during sleep. Night peredelanye baby only for extreme needs.
At night, leave in the room the night light on, have to be twilight. During a night feeding mute light, less talk.
Do not accustom the baby to motion sickness. Put him in the crib and sit next to until the child fall asleep. Sing him a lullaby, your voice will calm him down and help to sleep. If the baby wakes up in the night, teach him to fall asleep on their own.
Spend more time with your child outdoors. Don't miss the daily walks.
Try to calmly respond to the screaming and crying kid without much reasons. Do not take it immediately in hand each time you scream, or he to it very quickly get used to it. The child will understand that his crying will always come mother and surrounded by love.