The 7/8-length trousers should be made of natural fabrics and should not drag on. Typically, the waist of these trousers understated, but you can find original design solutions with very low waist or high. The color and texture of the pants can be very diverse, so you can find an option for everyone, perhaps that is why this model of trousers can be seen on Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot and Jacqueline Kennedy, but these beauties were distinguished by impeccable taste.

Women's pants 7/8: what to wear?

Very stylish these pants look great with tops or light sweaters. It is permissible to fill them into pants.

Short leather jackets or jackets is the perfect option, especially for the time of year when the weather can suddenly deteriorate. The jacket color depends on the color of pants: bright or colored bottom requires a top in neutral tones and muted the bottom is best combined with bright top.

If closet was added warm pants tweed, it is safe to complement a winter coat and ankle boots or ankle boots. Coat it is advisable to choose a trapezoidal and wide.

If the waist there is a small number of extra inches to hide them you can use the tunic or jacket that with short trousers look very feminine and elegant.

Bold girls can experiment and choose the way in which the trousers 7/8 will be combined with a top with an oversized bow, a jacket the color of the pants, the hat-fedoras and gloves.

7/8 trousers: which shoes to choose?

Capri is versatile in that they can be combined with high-heeled shoes, and shoes to go low. For a comfortable walk perfect ballet flats, moccasins, loafers, sneakers or brogues. And to create a refined and elegant images you will need sandals, shoes, ankle boots with heels or platform. The legs seemed visually very long, the shoes can choose the skin color.