Do another test to be sure of her pregnancy. Sometimes tests show a false positive result, and then a couple will be disappointed. Just do just in case another test, and if the information is confirmed, you can prepare for a conversation.
When the long-awaited pregnancy does not need to prepare husband the news. But and routinely report it by phone is not worth it. Working in the bustle he would not be able to fully realize your happiness. And in personal conversation, he can hug and kiss you, thereby dividing a joyful moment.
You can tell about the pregnancy over dinner, plain text no games and hints. And you can go on the original steps, and present the news in an unusual way. There are plenty of options, how original to tell her husband about the pregnancy, choose one that is suitable for your situation.
But not all women are confident in the reaction of her husband. If you become pregnant accidentally or spouse does not want to have children, you need to prepare the soil for conversation. First, you can discuss the reasons why he does not want the child. It is possible that his fears and doubts were left behind, and now he would take this news with joy.
After the preparatory conversation, to get to the point. Offer to sit down and tell me about the pregnancy. Just let them know that you are pregnant does not intend, and are in the same surprise.
Do not be discouraged if the first reaction of the husband will be unpleasant. He is shocked by what he heard, and may not fully understand what is happening. Give him time to calm down, recover, and then continue the conversation and talk about the future.
If the husband categorically against children should be prepared in advance. Consider possible options for the development of the conversation, come up with answers to his questions. If you know why he does not want the child, you can prepare a counterargument. For example, a man believes that children cost too much, and you gather information about prices for children's things and the announcement of a gratuitous donation of some of them. Tell me what your relatives will help Finance, but you will earn in the evenings. Find the right words to convince the man.
Some men who do not want to have children in such a situation insist on abortion. But only you can make the final decision, think carefully first. If you want the baby, don't go on about men. With such a different attitude to life you will not be able to create a happy marriage. And you, among other things, will suffer remorse for the act committed. Sometimes it is better to divorce such a man and to raise children.