You will need
  • - pregnancy test;
  • - cabbage;
  • t - shirt or mug;
  • - booties;
  • - photoshop;
  • - the ultrasound;
  • photo album;
  • - "kinder-surprise".
It is known that children, or found in the cabbage or the stork brings them. It is unlikely you will be able to get home a bird, but the situation with cabbage can be beat. Buy a loose head of cabbage or Peking, enclose the test showed two strips, and the composition of the present spouse. This should be done in women who are sure that their husband knows how looks pregnancy test, and will not be puzzled to fiddle with incomprehensible thing.
Give the wife a t-shirt or mug that says, "Soon I will dad", "Dad – it sounds proudly", "Ready to be a father" or any other at your discretion.
Tie baby booties (if you can not, get ready) and send them to her husband's in the box, giving the box a card with the text "Soon". After the man will get a notification and go to the post office for the parcel, he will appreciate the way of presenting good news.
Girls owning photoshop, you can make a collage where their favorite will be depicted with a huge belly, and sign "you're gonna be a dad."
If you have time to do not only pregnancy test, but ultrasound, you can present her husband a small photo album. Collect the pictures from your fun, insert a wedding photo, and in the end put the first ultrasound.
Write on her belly "Here lives our baby" or "Daddy, let's get acquainted!". If you can't wait to tell the news to the father, take a picture and send it MMS spouse.
Offer to take a picture of her husband and instead of the phrase "Smile shot", say "I'm pregnant". You will not only pleasantly shock a spouse, but also to capture the moment.
Buy "kinder surprise", carefully remove the wrapper and divide the egg into two halves. Remove the toy from the container, turn the test showed two strips, and staple the egg. Just in case, better to buy a few of the "kinder-surprises" if you do not get to collect gently egg the first time.