Features silver deposits

Silver in WOW is necessary not only jewelers, but also blacksmiths, and even the engineers who make silver ingots from special contacts, and weapon parts. Unlike most other ores, deposits of which are at fixed points in the game world, the silver ore is mined from the veins, randomly appearing instead of other metals: tin and iron.

It is obvious that to mine silver ore makes sense in those locations where several deposits of tin and iron as much as possible, the location should be not overly populated, otherwise you will have to fight for every mine with its competitors. Such locations include Stranglethorn Vale, Feralas, arati Highlands, Foothills Hillsbrad the Clawed mountain and many others.

It is necessary to focus on the level locations, as tin and iron veins in largest quantities are located in positions intended for characters of levels 20-30.

It is believed that the chance of the appearance of silver veins in the place of tin is higher than the iron, however, official confirmation of this. Perhaps the fact that iron ore is more popular, so untouched lived in regions where it is prevalent, not so much.

Production on an industrial scale

Ideally, for fast and efficient search of silver ore you need to get the fastest vehicle, that is, a flying dragon or a Griffin, with a maximum speed of flight. Unfortunately, this pet will cost a lot, besides, you first have to reach the level required for learning the skills of the rider. Additionally need to pay a certain amount of gold for the opportunity to fly over the territories of Azeroth.

To make life easier for the miner can special modifications or "mods", which is characterized by the coordinates of all fields visited. After several days of search you will have a map, which will be applied most of the possible places of occurrence of a particular ore.

If you are seriously planning to engage in mining of silver, you should not neglect tin and iron wires, especially when you are moving on a circular route. The fact that the silver vein will appear in place of another field only if this place will be free, and then you need to dig everything. Note that if you do not collect the extracted ore, the Deposit will not disappear, but new in its place – does not arise, therefore before departure on a route is to unload your inventory of all unnecessary items.