Advice 1: How to increase chance of drop

Drop – a basic concept for most role-playing games, literally meaning "the probability of valuable things." Obviously, a character with high chance of drop will be literally swimming in good gear and items for sale that cannot be called a disadvantage.
How to increase chance of drop
Develop related indicators. In various role-playing systems, the drop is calculated, but there is always a chance to increase it at the expense of character development. So in Diablo you can take the skill "search the corpse" by which to test one's body can be twice. Similarly, in Fallout there is a perk "treasure hunter", which dramatically increases the chance of finding something valuable from the defeated enemy. In a more classical things (like D&D) the probability of finding the treasure depends on the parameter "luck" and the character class as a whole.
Use enchanted items. In Titan Quest there is a separate bonus items, referred to as "the probability of magic things." Thus, if you type set of uniforms, every object which has the specified extension, the probability of a quality drop will increase several times. Do not forget that to increase performance you can use runes and upgrades.
Hunt for vyisokourovnevyimi monsters. The logic is simple: the stronger the creature, the more value it will have after death. It is not so much about the normal enemies is much more important to seek out the bosses and "special things" handmade. For example, such can be found at passage of side quests or exploring hidden locations: in General, developers are always encourage meticulous players. This is especially true of MMO-projects where the most powerful bosses organized the whole raids.
Increase the complexity. First of all, set the game difficulty to the maximum – then you will get more powerful monsters and, as a consequence, the best things. In addition, all RPG combat built on the fact that the number of lives of mobs depends on the number of people playing. All games, starting with the already mentioned Diablo and ending of Dead Island, have encouraged passage of a collective, and playing with friends, you a priori increase the probability of obtaining good equipment. In most cases this is achieved yet due to the fact that the players from different sessions can share the good (see Borderlands).
Useful advice
Visit the forums of the game: it will help you to find a more specific methodology to each specific product.

Advice 2: Who are these drops and why they should not become

Drops – people used to commit illegal acts as a fake. Often you can find these offers on various forums, message boards.
Who are these drops and why they should not become
The whole point of loot is to commit any illegal actions on its behalf. This man doesn't know what exactly could happen. Everything is scams that you gave some privileges to perform operations.

Using drops

First, the drops need to process loans and other loans, ie, the scammer gets the money and disappears, and all claims of itself, to whom everything was decorated.

Second, the drops need when ordering in the online stores when you pay with stolen credit cards. In this case, the address of the person ordered some things, which later transferred to the organizer of the fraud.

Drops are often used for the behavior of some large cash transactions to launder and divert attention from the organizer. This at first glance may seem the safest option, since you can always blame everything on the fact that access was unauthorized. The simplest example is the transfer SIM card to a stranger.

Why not getting a drop?

Usually the person does not know what he will receive some amount of money and without question sends some data about itself or commits acts pleasing to the person concerned.

It is not known what this information will do the attackers, but most likely, it will be illegal actions, since they are not carried out on personal data. The consequences can be very different, but most often you will be interested in either the police or the IRS.

Participation in such fraud will not bring you any money because you just pay for some action, and will not give a cent, even worse, as you will already be a partner.

Most often victims are selected are either very naive or material problems. Remember that any strange proposal will bring more problems than prosperity.

In any case you cannot send your photos with your passport as proof of something. It is not recommended to provide copies of passport, rights, insurance policies and other documents. It is impossible to register in some financial systems, to open a Bank account and transfer the cards to the use of third parties.

To prove that the actions were committed by you and no data was transferred, and stolen, extremely difficult. The legislation of the Russian Federation are not always ready to help such victims and not adapted to the various situations associated with fraud.
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