Goldseekers of all Nations have mined gold with a shovel and pan. Dig with a shovel river sand and put it in the tray. Then go down closer to the water and start to wash it. To do this, dip the sand just below the water level. Light circular movements and make sure the tray is gone large stones, and on the bottom was clean sand.
Gently tilt the tray. Bright and light grains of sand move around him, and the dark remained motionless in the center. Get rid of bright sand. Look closely at the remaining grains of sand, suddenly on a dark background you will see a Golden sheen. Repeat the washing procedure a lot of times, collect yellow sand. This method requires a lot of patience, because not everyone will be able to stand half-bent position all day.
If this way you do not like, then pick up a metal detector and try your luck with him. The most sophisticated devices react to the Golden specks in fractions of a gram, and the search depth reaches more than a meter. Gently and slowly move the antenna of the device over the ground. The search space can be any area, whether it is a home lawn or a disused quarry. With headphones you will hear a continually changing sound.
Hearing the loud and growing sound, stop. In this place there is an anomaly that can be associated with any metal object. At successful coincidence of circumstances a day, you can find 10-15 grams of gold.
Remember that precious metals to their production are state owned and are their property. Found some nuggets you need to pass and get the reward for them. Most of the gold deposits already discovered, and there is active mining.
How to find gold in <b>earth</b>