Spring planting of roses

Spring is the traditional time for planting out of plants. Huge selection of seedlings of garden roses presented in nurseries in March-April. Don't be afraid to buy prickly cuttings in March, you can store them until planting in the cellar or refrigerator at a temperature of + 4oC. You only need to sprinkle the seedlings moist sand or kept in a special fabric.

To plant roses in a permanent place is needed at the end of April. Perfect for planting a very gentle slope South-facing. But too open with plenty of sunlight is not very good, it is better to have a rose flower garden close to trees or shrubs that will provide shade in the afternoon.

Do not select for planting lowland, roses need drainage, water should not stand in the hole. A hole under the dig seedlings in advance, so that the earth settles. As a result, the depth should be 60-70 cm.

Autumn planting roses

If you decide to plant roses in the fall, try to catch up to the end of September. Please note that the autumn sale and planting of seedlings has its own characteristics. If autumn is long and warm, plants roses will go to growth. In this case, at the time of the first frost, they may die.

In the fall it's hard or quite impossible to find quality rose seedlings. Perederzhivat them in pots, that the roots tangled and dry. First and foremost, when buying seedlings in the fall, pay attention to the root system. It should be well developed and not dry.

Check the viability of the spine through the incision with a penknife. If the slice will be white and juicy, rose is alive, and can be planted. If you got a seedling with a brown root, it need to slowly cut until, until you see a white core.

Inspect the leaves of the seedling if they are present on the stem. They should not be damaged by pests and diseases, otherwise the plant may not survive the winter.

Late planting roses

About the middle of October, the nurseries can be arranged the sale of rose seedlings with maximum discounts. You can plant roses at this time. Importantly, the seedlings were healthy. Plus such sales is that they can at a good price to buy gorgeous rare varieties of roses in the spring are very expensive. Here are some features planting roses in October:

autumn seedling remove from the pot very carefully, because at this time the root ball is very fragile;
- zaglubljaja root collar is about 2 cm in the ground, this will protect the rose from cold weather;
immediately liberally pour rose after planting, when the soil will sit down, pour more of the soil, to avoid the hole.