It is very important to pick the right location for the hive. Keep in mind that culture has sensitivity to light. The same can be said about heat. Thus, it is best to plant a rose where there is good lighting and no strong drafts. Note South and South-East side of your plot. Shady places are not the best choice.

Landing better done in the spring. Roses are heat-loving plants. As soon as the buds on the trees, you can start planting. Experts recommend to avoid the fall season for planting. They will not have time how to root before the first frost. Thus, you risk to lose your rose Bush.

Look at the roots before planting. Any damage should be removed. The length of the remaining roots must not exceed 20 inches. Shoots on the Bush should be shortened. On strong shoots should be 6 buds. Medium can contain three kidneys. Do not leave withered and weak shoots.

Prepare the planting hole. It should be deep and wide. The root system this will feel as free. The vaccination site should be sealed with soil to a height of 7 inches. Further atribuite the soil around the trunk and pour plenty of water. On every Bush, it is desirable to use a bucket of water. Stock up on non-woven material to cover the seedlings. It will protect them from sunburn. This shelter be removed as soon as the ground is well warmed.

Soil preparation should be carried out well in advance. She is bringing organic and mineral fertilizers. Among the natural fertilizers best suited to the ordinary manure. During the first feeding uses a large amount of mineral fertilizers, but their portion shall not exceed 20 grams of each rose Bush.

Single rose bushes can be planted singly. If you are creating the rosary, it is necessary to adhere to distance up to five feet between bushes. This distance may be reduced to 70 cm if there are miniature varieties.

How to care for roses properly?

Fertilizing is important. It must be timely. The first time it is carried out in the spring as soon as the first buds appear. The following fertilizing is done in July, to ensure good flowering. New shoots in late summer are undesirable, so in this period, to avoid fertilizing.

Watering is recommended once a week. It needs to be plentiful. Choose a morning or evening hours.

Every year is pruning roses. This should be done in the spring before the Bush buds. The procedure involves the removal of old shoots. Dry and weak branches should be cut off. If wintering plants were not favorable, the crop should be particularly intense. Due to this, the Bush can be updated more quickly.