You will need
  • - credit agreement;
  • schedule of payments on the mortgage and a certificate of the principal debt remainder;
  • - the application for restructuring of the mortgage;
  • - the application for refinancing;
  • - proof of income;
  • - other documents requested by the Bank.
Restructuring credit can be issued in your Bank. You need to apply to increase the credit period to the desired period. Sometimes you will need to attach documents that confirm the occurrence of difficulties in the implementation of the monthly payments in the same size. In case of positive consideration of your request the Bank will provide you with a new repayment schedule.
Refinancing can be carried out in order to reduce interest rates or increasing loan term. It makes sense provided that the interest rate on the new loan will be 2.5-3% lower. Otherwise you might not get the desired savings, because the issuance of new mortgages will be accompanied by additional fees. It is also worth perekreditovyvatsya to the achievement of the primary duty of less than 30%. To refinance you need to find the right program and apply to the Bank statement. It will need to make a full package of documents, including the existing credit agreement, the documents to the apartment. Also, the borrower will need to reassess the apartment, as well as to confirm the adequacy of their income and seniority.
The mortgage payment can be reduced by repaying the loan ahead of schedule. For this you can use additional sources of revenue. So, every person who receives income, taxable personal income tax, can get tax deductions for the purchased apartment (for a total of up to 260 thousand rubles) and paid mortgage interest. Such payments from the state can be put in the repayment of the mortgage loan, which will reduce the monthly payments. But it does not need to reduce the terms of the mortgage.
If during the repayment of the mortgage you have a family the second child was born and you became the owner of the parent capital, it is also possible to send it to a repayment mortgage. And the proportion will decrease the amount of the principal debt and mortgages will become more accessible from the point of view of monthly payment.
If the apartment is decorated in a mortgage is not your only shelter, it is possible to surrender the lease. The amount received lease payments you can make monthly payments. However, many banks prescribed in the mortgage agreement a ban on the letting of housing because in their opinion it is not the best way affects the market value of the apartment.