Advice 1: How to change the payment schedule on the loan

Making a Bank loan, you sign with the financial institution agreement, which sets out the rights and obligations of the parties. If you are able to make a payment, you can ask the Bank to change the payment schedule.

How to change the payment schedule

Schedule changes for several reasons. For example, the contract specified that to make a payment on the loan you have 8 numbers. If your salary is charged to 5th, no problems with payment you will not have. But you went to work in another organization, and the salary is now credited to your account on the 12th. Payment of the loan of the 8th, in accordance with the contract, you may be uncomfortable or impossible. You need to change the schedule of payments, then there is no delinquency on the loan, your credit history will not suffer.

Ask your Bank to change the payment schedule. It is necessary to visit a Bank and write a statement. The Bank may ask you to indicate the reasons for transfer payments and to provide proof of your words. If you change the date of payment of wages, you must provide a certificate from the accounting Department of the enterprise. Speaking at the Bank about changing jobs, show a copy of the workbook.

Writing a statement of the repayment schedule, wait for a response from the Bank. If you have shown yourself to be a responsible borrower, the Bank will meet you. You must consider that changing the terms of the agreement, the Bank has the right to take a Commission that can reach several tens of thousands rubles, if we are talking about a large amount of the loan.

In addition, you will have to pay the accrued interest for the period between the old date and new. Let's say the Bank accepts a positive for the borrower the decision. In this case, you need to apply to the loan agreement additional agreement. If you have a mortgage, you need to register it in the state organs.

You should pay attention

To postpone the date of payment on the loans issued in cash, and consumer loans. It's not time-consuming. As for the mortgage, then to change the date of payment, it is necessary to amend the mortgage. But this is a complex and lengthy process. Few banks will go to such things.

It should be noted that credit card to change the date of monthly payment is not possible – will have to pay when specified in the contract. We should not forget that after you change the dates of the payment schedule will also change. The employees of the Bank shall provide a new schedule. In order to avoid problems with the Bank, it is necessary to have on hand copies of all documents.

If the Bank refuses to amend the credit agreement, you may request refinancing of the loan. You should not be late. Refinancing will allow you to change the parameters of the loan – to shorten or stretch it in time to change the date or reduce the monthly payment.

Advice 2: How to change work schedule

Schedule established by the employer in accordance with the specifics of the enterprise. It lays down the time and duration of each shift. In addition, the schedule reglamentary amount, duration and time of breaks for lunch and rest. If necessary, approved work schedule, you can adjust and make appropriate changes.
How to change work schedule
The change of schedule is possible not more often than once a month. This need is usually related to changes in the working conditions of employees or the restructuring of staff. Work schedule can be an Annex to the collective agreement (article 103 TK the Russian Federation) or a separate document. In the first case, the necessary changes can be made as to the contract in the second – only in a separate normative document that regulates the regime of employment with the company. You can place it as an attachment to the internal labor regulations. But in any case, with the approval of, and the schedule of work and the changes that need to be coordinated with the representative body of employees in accordance with article 190 of the LC RF.
About the change of schedule the employer shall notify employees in advance, not later than a month. The fact of acquaintance must be signed by the employee. In that case, if this procedure was not performed, work schedule and changes made to it are considered illegal.
If the preparation of a new work schedule connected with change of organizational or technological working conditions, he must notify employees two months before introduction. If the employee does not agree with them and the other company he can not offer, in accordance with article 77 of the labour code the employment contract may be terminated.
When you make changes, you must consider the working time rules, which sets a new document. In that case, if they exceed the statutory rule, provide an accounting period, at the end of which employees will be paid monetary compensation for overtime work.
After making changes in work schedule and approved, it is necessary to make the order on the introduction of a new schedule. In the text of the order specifies the settings of the working day, and as reason is given a link to the regulatory document.

Advice 3: How to reduce loan payments

The problem of reducing the loan payments can be relevant for those who are just planning to arrange a loan, and for those who have a valid credit. To reduce the size of the loan payments in several ways.
How to reduce loan payments
You will need
  • credit programs of banks;
  • - proof of income;
  • documents on collateral and guarantees;
  • - the application for refinancing or surety.
If you only plan to take a loan, you can reduce your monthly payments in several ways. The best option is to choose the most loan program with low interest rate. This will reduce the size of the paid percent on the loan, and, respectively, and payments. At a lower rate can expect to borrowers able to document their own
income, and also receiving the loan with involvement of guarantors or collateral. Such loans pose to the Bank with a relatively low risk of non-payment, so he offers borrowers better deals. Providing a full package of documents will allow you to play in their favor a few percent. Note that if your goal is to reduce the payments do not use the programs of Express crediting.
Reduce the overpayment on the loan can be achieved in the design of targeted loans. In this case, the money is not handed to the borrower, immediately go to the account of the supplier of the goods. Interest is always lower than on non-purpose consumer loans.
Another option to reduce mortgage payments is to take credit for a longer period. Due to this reduced monthly payments.
An additional benefit of this option would be that inflation will gradually depreciate the amount paid. But will have to go on increasing amount of overpayment on the loan.
For a lower payments on the loan note banks with annuitants payment plan. In such case, a repayment of a loan in equal installments which would include interest payments and principal debt. Of course, differentiated payments have lower overpayments, but their initial size will be much higher. You should also try to Deposit more than the required monthly payments, when you have the chance. This will reduce further the size of the payments.
For those who have on hand credit and is interested in reducing the payments on it, banks have developed a special product. He was named refinancing. Why do we need banks? They thus improve its credit portfolio and entice the competition for good faith borrowers. A refinance loan allows you to reduce the payments due to the increase in time or reduction in interest rates. It can be issued in any Bank that provides this service.
There is also the option of a temporary reduction of payments, which may be relevant for borrowers who are unsure of their possibilities to continue to make interest payments. In this case, you must contact the private Bank lender with a statement on the restructuring. The majority of banks will meet borrowers with good financial discipline, whose income has declined for good reasons. For example, if they lose their jobs, adding to the family. During restructuring, banks can even provide temporary credit vacation.
All options to reduce payments on the loan require a good credit history. With the presence of delinquency do not count on profitable the loan and will not be available programs Refinansirovaniya and restructuring.
Useful advice
Optimally a Bank loan in which you receive a salary or pension. For these customers, banks generally offer the most favorable credit terms.
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