Pisces in relationships

Men-Pisces prefer to go with the flow and enjoy life. These people have no direction, no clear plans. If they want something, you will likely get what they want, without effort. The apparent detachment of men-Fish borders on complete indifference, which can lead to despair or rage women, featuring an energetic and active approach to life. You need to understand that the soul of the representatives of this zodiac sign is constantly occurring storm of emotions, they just prefer not to show to the whole world.

The man born under the sign of Pisces, capable of strong feelings of love, but not passion. He is ready to protect women from anything, but does not know how to be loyal. Around it are always lots of interesting and beautiful people, so often he's not going to connect his life with anyone in the foreseeable future. Any failed "serious" relationships can decades hurt him, but will not affect his lungs, optional relationships with women.


The man-Fish very easily inspires confidence. He's charming and cute, able to joke good-naturedly inclined to easy sarcasm, which gives it even more charm. Women attracted to men of this zodiac sign. Unfortunately, the man-Fish looks at the world through rose-colored glasses, he physically painful to see the suffering and pain of others, and even more so to be their cause. So he tries to avoid confrontation at any cost, even by deceit and innuendo.

Pisces always see people in the best light. This is one of the secrets of their popularity. Because they are so sincerely and much love to all people, without exception, that people intuitively and automatically meet the Fish back. Men and women of this zodiac sign usually love strict teachers at the Institute, superiors, business partners and even mothers-in-law (unless of course the Fish decided to link their lives with someone else).

Men of this zodiac sign are very difficult to pull pledges regarding any sphere of life. The fact that he prefers to first finish his business and then tell other people. Therefore, you should not assume that the absence of specific promises on the part of the Fish in any way relates to you, rather, it is a common practice.

You need to understand that a man-Fish always run by emotions, so in the heat of an argument to appeal to his logic is completely useless, you first need to wait until it cools down, and only then to appeal to his mind.