Saint Petersburg, "Zenit-Arena"

"Zenit-arena" is being built on the former site of the stadium named after S. M. Kirov. This is the most expensive of all 12 stadiums. Russia's first retractable field, closing the dome, almost 70,000 seats for spectators. For the current moment total the degree of completion is 35 %. Construction began in 2006. During this time, law enforcement authorities uncovered evidence of theft of money has varied, and the estimate increased to 35 billion roubles. Now one spectator place in the "Zenit-Arena" is about 16.5 thousand dollars. According to this indicator, the new stadium is ranked 5th in the world. The arena will host matches of the Confederations Cup 2017 and world Cup 2018.

Technical and economic characteristics:
Number of floors — 8;
Weight field withdrawable — 7 800 t;
The maximum time for opening and closing the roof in 15 minutes.
Nizhny Novgorod stadium for world Cup -2018

Among the main options of locations of the football stadium was the Mushroom channel, the village Olgino and R-square of the Komsomol. In the end, Nizhny Novgorod officials plan to build at the confluence of the Oka and Volga. From the leadership of FIFA has received comments regarding the number of hotels in construction site and state bus transport. Also, the delegation considered that to be reconstructed station and airport. In General, a lot of work, but in the end the Stadium for world Cup 2018 will appear near the Arrows. According to the architects, the building image will be associated with themes of water and wind that characterizes the Volga nature.

The stadium in Nizhny Novgorod will meet all necessary FIFA requirements for hosting matches the level of the 1/4 finals of the world Cup. The construction project involves the opportunity for a multifunctional use for a wide variety of cultural events.

Technical and economic characteristics:
Total area: 127 m2 470;
The total number of spectators: 45 000;
Kazan, "Kazan Arena"

The official start of construction is may 5, 2010. On this day the first stone in the construction was laid by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. The stadium is designed for 45 000 places. Construction employs more than 3,000 people. The roof of the arena support 8 supports, despite the apparent ease of construction, it weighs 12,000 tons, as much as it would have weighed 13 aircraft TU-154. The works are on schedule. Now you should connect all communications, dominirovali the media façade, which is over 4 times than it is now is 3.5 thousand square meters of the screen. The cost of the project is 12 billion rubles.

Technical and economic characteristics:
Total building area: 130,000 m2
The total height of the stadium: 49,36 m
The number of VIP boxes: 72
Car Park: 4 500 Parking spaces
Saransk stadium for the 2018 world Cup

The largest portion of funds from the Federal budget, which will come in Mordovia in preparation, will be directed on reconstruction of roads. Plans to renovate the entire road network of the capital and sections of Federal highways passing through the territory of the Republic. The road will be built connecting all cities hosting the championship. Special attention is given to roads of Federal importance: Kazan-Saransk, Nizhny Novgorod-Saransk, Moscow-Saransk and Volgograd-Saransk. The authorities plans significantly, for the 18th year, to improve the architecture, and most importantly, the living conditions of the people. There will be a new microdistrict "Anniversary", where is located 33 000 inhabitants. The population density it will be 2 times less than in the main town, which is expressed in the planning of two Parking spaces per family.

Stadium in Saransk began to build in 2010. Capacity of 45 000 seats. Future stadium will be located near St. Volgograd on the right Bank of the Insar river. The location will be advantageous in terms of accessibility. Distance from a sports facility to the airport and the bus station is 4.8 km away and railway station is 2.4 km away. In the architectural design of the facility will present the bright image of the sun.

Technical and economic characteristics:
Total construction volume: 453 796 cubic meters.
Rostov-on-don, the stadium for the 2018 world Cup

On the banks of the don erect artificial island, which in a few years will be the main arena of the championship. For future sports grounds namyvayut not just a pillow of sand, and a real island. According to the General plan of the city of Rostov-on-don, the stadium for the championship will appear on the left Bank of the don. The construction site will be 37,6816 ha. the roof of the arena will be associated with two different height of the flying wings which will cover the space of four stands around the field.

Technical and economic characteristics:
- Building area: 101482,7 sq. m;
- Stadium capacity: 45 882 spectators at the period of the world Cup.
Yekaterinburg Central stadium

Adopted version, including the reconstruction of the stadium with the movement of the East and West stands to another place within the borders of zones of protection of monuments. It is actually rotated 90 degrees. And dismantle the wall do not plan to. After the reconstruction the building will appear 4 entrance, and the capacity will increase to 45,000 people. In form, it will resemble the Ural gem, that will affect the title.

Technical and economic characteristics:
- Land area: 11,05 ha;
- Built-up area: 600 sq 46 m;
- Designated disabled population: 445;
Places media: 2 280;
- Number of levels: 7;
- The height of the stadium: 47,35.
Kaliningrad, "Arena Baltika"

The way of the future stadium Baltic reveals themes associated with the "incident wave". So, with the help of lighting, the architects want to beat a rectangular shape of the sports complex, designed for 45 000 spectators. During the world championship in a fans: cafes, restaurants, pools and even fitness centers. The cost of construction is 10 billion roubles. According to the project, which is developed by NPO "Mostovik" on the football field of the stadium, will operate the sliding roof.

Technical and economic characteristics:
- Project site: 21,8 hectares.
Samara, The "Spheroid"

Samara became the first city, whose project has passed the state examination, and in record time - 3 months. The console is a metal beam to hold the dome of the Samara stadium is a spheroid. Thanks to them, 60% of the seats are sheltered from rain and wind. All in all, the stadium fits the 45 000 fans. It will be built on the Northern outskirts of the city, on the site of the former radio center, which will have to take 34 radio tower.

Technical and economic characteristics:
Total area — 158520 sq. m.
Volgograd, stadium "Central"

Located on the banks of the Volga river, at the foot of the "Mamayev Kurgan" new football stadium is a combination of world achievements in the design of large-scale structures. The stands of the stadium with a capacity of 45,000 people, provide optimal conditions for the visibility of the arena for all viewers.

Technical and economic characteristics:
Construction area: 55 m2 140;
Total floor area: 122 m2 426.
Moscow stadium "Spartak"

Already built a concrete structure, forming the basis of the stands. After 2 years, one of the oldest clubs of the capital "Spartak" will get its own field. To the South of the stadium will be announced microobjects road from the West will be open preserved metro station "Volokolamsk" and in the East is the railway branch, which will stop trains. The most ardent fans of "Spartacus" will call to break the chairs to choose the most durable.

Technical and economic characteristics:
The total area of the stadium: 53 758 sqm
The height of the stadium, 52, 640 m
The stadium capacity: 44 000 places.