Light Petunia need to grow in pots or baskets with quality earthen substrate. The growth of this flower need to pinch, so the leaves grew in different directions, giving the Bush a lush look. Petunia needs to be abundant, but rare watering and periodic fertilizing. This ensures its constant bloom. In the premises Petunia is better to keep near the South window, where the maximum amount of sunlight.

One of the most unpretentious and popular flowers in Russia, although their homeland is America. These charming and easy to grow flowers are a great decoration of any flower beds. The sooner marigolds planted in the ground, the sooner they bloom, so gardeners preparing seedlings at home. Marigolds can bloom even in the shade but in the sun, their hive will be covered with flowers. Excess moisture and fertilizer can affect the abundant growth of stalks and leaves, which will lead to later flowering.

Beautiful flowers zinnias also attract butterflies and various insects. They have a variety of colors: yellow, red, orange, pink, except for blue. Zinnias are undemanding flowers grow on different soils and at different temperatures, starting from July until late autumn. These flowers have continuous blooms, the more to pluck the flowers, the more will be new.

In people, this flower is called "ageless" and "dolgorukoi", due to its long flowering from mid-summer until the frosts. Ageratum can grow up to 20 cm and has a beautiful puffball of white or blue. This heat-loving plant needs sunlight and generous watering.

Carnation flower is called Zeus, it is known since Ancient Greece. About this elegant and fragrant flower many legends, and growers and breeders continue to grow and explore these amazing flowers. Carnation is a perennial flower with light-requiring, therefore, a place for carnations should be selected Sunny, and the soil should be sufficiently fertilized. Then this flower will bring joy for years.

These beautiful fragrant flowers, gathered in clusters, grow bushes or dim background. For Alpine are good ground cover varieties that differ in a variety of color and height of flowers. Very popular in Russia varieties of Phlox "Maria" reaches a meter in height and has a variety of colors.