Advice 1: How to grow a blue rose

Blue rose, the hero of numerous legends. For many centuries her existence was considered a myth. Petals blue or blue is delighted, and to receive such a gift wanted by almost everyone. In our days to this flower in several ways. However, there are some nuances associated by the name "blue rose", and the process of growing.

Myths about blue rose

Breeders since ancient times tried to create roses blue. The main problem was that originally, the roses are missing some genes, e.g. the gene for blue. Therefore, to grow a plant by crossing the flowers of one species was not real. Scientists have found a way and began to implant genes into roses forget-me-nots. So there were the first varieties of blue roses.

Important point that everyone should know who wants to grow a plant on their own – most varieties, known under the name "blue roses", have virtually nothing in common with the expected blue or blue color. The petals of these flowers chameleon.
If you decide to grow white roses blue by watering plants with different solutions, it is best to do this at their summer cottage. In the indoor environment such procedures may be detrimental to your health.

The most affordable varieties of roses are blue, for example, "Mizer Fastnacht", "Blue Nile", "Aqua" or "blue Perfume". However, seeing the flowering of these roses, many growers will be disappointed. Their petals are not blue, but purple or maroon. Blue or bluish they are only at certain times of the day.

Most blue rose is the Japanese variety "Applause". In the free market of the plants yet. This variety of roses has been bred by Japanese scientists in 2009. It is noteworthy that the discovery was made almost by accident. Doctors studied the human disease, drew attention to the fact that diseased liver often becomes blue. This fact became the basis for the experiment on colors. Ordinary white rose, receiving a portion of the enzyme became saturated blue. Thanks to this opening soon seeds and seedlings of blue rose will be able to buy anyone. At the moment it is not always feasible due to financial costs. The price of one flower of a plant abroad is 40-50 dollars.
To get a rich blue rose, enough for several weeks to pour Burgundy rose strong solution of potassium permanganate. To start this procedure is better at the first signs of the buds.

How to grow a blue rose white

The easiest way of obtaining the blue petals are on a rose – colouring of the food dyes. For this water soluble dye of the desired shade, and then it drops a white rose. After a while the petals change their color, and you can surprise with an original gift any of your loved ones. Similar options can be found in flower shops.

A similar method of painting roses is watering them with food coloring. White roses planted in the open ground throughout the time of growth water blue food coloring or blue. The petals of the flowers will change their hue. Watering white roses possible and such solutions as potassium permanganate, cobalt salts or copper sulfate.

Advice 2: How to grow a blue rose

For many years growers tried to breed blue roses, and in the process surveys were received even black flowers. The solution to this problem was found only in the late twentieth century.


In the early twentieth century in Germany were withdrawn violet roses, the color was far from deep blue, to the same bloom they are very reluctant and rarely, so the popularity of these flowers has won. After years of fruitless attempts to bring the best florist blue roses, they have become a symbol of impossible dreams, becoming a synonym of impossibility.

Flower market waiting for a blue rose for a very long time, so some manufacturers decided to deal with this problem mechanically, and began to paint the white roses blue.

By the end of the twentieth century have the opportunity to explore the flowers and plants at the genetic level, it is possible to establish the cause of failure in breeding blue roses. Studies have shown that absolutely all types of roses is missing the pigment delphinidin, which is responsible for the blue color.

For the separation of a blue gene from pansies began in 1990, fourteen years for the researchers to correctly implement it in the genes of the rose. The first blue rose, named Suntory Blue Rose Applause in honor of the Japanese company which sponsored research and development. In 2008 this rose entered the free market after the approval of the Committee on the protection of the environment.

How to paint a rose flower in blue colour?

As bred blue roses hard to find in small flower shops, and they are quite expensive, you can use a simple way, which many producers used back in the mid-twentieth century. This method is very simple, takes about twelve hours to days.

You will need white rose and ink. With roses it is advisable to remove all the leaves, otherwise they will turn blue, then slow staining of the Bud. In a small jar, pour about half a Cup of pure water at room temperature, add ink. Stir the resulting solution, it needs to be about the darker tone of the desired color of roses. Cut the stalk diagonally into inch of that water is better absorbed. Set the rose in the colored water for twelve to fifteen hours. The stem should be submerged about three centimeters. Regularly check the progress of staining, since it can absorb too much paint. When the flower is colored, place it in a vase with plain water.
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