The main contraindications while using vibrator

It is important to note that such a device cannot be used at the diseases of organs, to the area which can be fastened in a massage tape. In particular, we are talking about such diseases as ulcers, hernia of the stomach, gastritis during the exacerbation, uterine fibroids, pyelonephritis. Also it is necessary to abandon the use of such equipment in case of disturbances in functioning of the liver, the gall bladder. If a person has kidney stones, excessive vibration can cause movement, and this, of course, undesirable.

Application of vibrating, especially if instructions are not followed, can be very harmful for a person with heart disease. In such cases, you can use the device only after a preliminary conversation with the doctor, though it is very important to strictly observe the instructions concerning the duration and frequency of sessions. People with brittle and weak vessels is also desirable to use the vibrating massager, and those who are at risk due to atherosclerotic plaques, and is strictly prohibited. Remember that Smoking weakens the blood vessels, and therefore, fans of cigarettes is to talk to your doctor before using the device to ensure that their health is all right. Hypertension of the third degree and thrombophlebitis, and cardiovascular failure first and second degree angina pectoris use of such equipment impossible.

Who should not use vibro

Women with unstable menstrual cycle or painful menstruation is to abandon the use of such devices. The fact that increased vibration may provoke bleeding and increase the discomfort. If for whatever reason a woman needs to use a vibrating massager, first she should consult a gynecologist to solve the problems with menstruation.

This device is contraindicated to use for those who suffer from neurosis in an acute form, tuberculosis. With great care and only after consulting a doctor, you can use it in the presence of fibroids or in abdominal aortic aneurysm.

Finally, the list of contraindications has got infectious diseases and pregnancy. Women, bearing a child in the first trimester should abandon the use of this massager, because excessive vibration may badly affect the status and development of the fetus.