Advice 1: How to make massage massager

The effectiveness of selfmassage can improve significantly by using special massagers. Varieties of of these devices there are many, but one of the most convenient is a roller massager, which is a chain of wooden or plastic balls connected by two flexible cords with handles on the ends. It can help you to get rid of pain in muscles, back, neck and legs. The procedure can be carried out over clothing and on exposed skin.
How to make massage massager
You will need
  • - roller massager.
Massaging the back along the spine need. The hand holding the handle of the massager over the shoulder, every movement should move towards. Making 5-6 movements, head massager in the other hand.
Then install the fixture at the level of the waist and start to move it left and right. Making a horizontal movement, lift the tumbler up to the middle of the back. All you need to do 8-10 movements.
Massage of the neck which often suffers from a lack of mobility, is the horizontal motion. Start with the scalp and move to the blades. During the procedure, make smooth tilts the head backwards, forwards and sideways. Massage do for a minute.
Massage the abdomen and sides, make diagonal, doing 6-7 movements. Then climb to the chest. Thoracic also massaged diagonal movements – 6-8 in each direction. Avoid heavy load in the heart.
Pelvic massage starting from the desired length of the folds. Make the massager a zigzag motion, rising towards the back. Each side need to do 8-10 movements.
For massage back and front of the thigh leg and bend at the knee and put on the rise. Movements start from the knee and rise up. Don't forget to massage the side of the thighs – 8-10 movements for each region.
Removing the leg from the stand, begin the massage of the gastrocnemius muscle. Move from the foot to the popliteal region the popliteal fossa did not touch. The front surface of the leg massage is not too intense: first across and then along the muscle fibers.
Useful advice
Take roller massager with me to the bath. Use it after a visit to the steam room, when the muscle is warmed up, then the effect will be most favorable. In addition to improving health roller massager can help you to shape thin waist and defeat cellulite.

Advice 2: Infrared massager: characteristics and effectiveness

Since ancient times, massage is one way of health care. He is able to relieve pain, improve health, and relax the muscles of the whole body. Technological innovations helped to create massage devices, which are not inferior to traditional types of massage. Such devices, of course, include massagers with infrared.
Infrared massager: characteristics and effectiveness

The use of infrared radiation

Infrared radiation is electromagnetic radiation, which is also called "thermal" because it is able to raise the temperature of most of the items that are affected. Unlike x-ray, ultraviolet, microwave and infrared rays are absolutely safe for humans, but necessary for the body to regain strength, improve immunity.

Under the influence of infrared radiation in the human body is:
- inhibit the growth of cancer cells;
- neutralize the effects of radioactive radiation, electromagnetic fields;
- the destruction of some types of hepatitis;
- increase the amount of produced insulin in diabetics;
- the cure of psoriasis, improving the condition of patients with cirrhosis of the liver;
- to intensify the production of collagen and elastin, therefore slowing down the aging of skin and organism as a whole.

Infrared waves penetrates the body, warming the thus tissues, organs, muscles, bones and joints of the human body, which contributes to the acceleration of blood flow, lymph. This increases the rate of metabolism, improves supply of oxygen to tissues.

The benefits of massager with function of infrared radiation

Massager with infrared heating can provide restorative and therapeutic effects. They have a number of advantages over other devices, because in addition to the massage effect, to deeply warm the tissues, muscles, internal organs, what allows to improve the human condition in various acute and chronic diseases, and also to get pleasure from a massage.

The presence of infrared radiation increases the effectiveness of the device, because when using it:

- does massage not only skin but also muscles, joints;
cream and butter used in the procedure are absorbed much better than in other cases;
- is a kind of analgesic effect.

The infrared massager has another important advantage - the design of the massage nozzles. Thanks to her, the apparatus can carry out massage and shoulder girdle, and neck.

Infrared massager helps to relieve fatigue, muscle tension, enhancement of vitality of man, normalization of blood circulation.

Infrared magnetic massager is a good helper in the fight against excess weight and cellulite, because its action is directed at effect on the deeper layers of the skin and splitting of fatty tissue.

To improve the condition of skin and fight age-related wrinkles, scarring you can buy special infrared massager for the face.

Advice 3: Anti-cellulite massage and wraps: double impact on cellulite

In the fight against cellulite plays a huge role comprehensive approach. To achieve the desired effect allows the simultaneous use of two procedures, mutually reinforcing each other's action. This solution gives the possibility to tighten the buttocks and slender legs in a short period of time.
How to get rid of cellulite

The benefits of massages and wraps

Massage improves lymphatic drainage, which in turn helps excrete excess fluid. Thus, this procedure eliminates congestion in the tissues. In addition, only massage allows you to break old fat deposits and form the notorious orange peel. The effect of massage is truly invaluable: it affects body fat, improves lymphatic drainage and also activates the muscles. All this will prevent the formation of cellulite in the future.

Anti-cellulite wrap stimulates the breakdown of fatty tissue. Under the heat action is the elimination of toxins and excess fluid. The funds, which are body wraps that improve skin tone, making it elastic and toned. This is very important because when you get rid of cellulite is and weight loss, which adversely affects the condition of the skin.

How to massage cellulite

To do anti-cellulite massage can be as a specialist and independently, using a variety of tools. For this suitable massage cream, but it is better to use the anti-cellulite oil in the composition provides presentedin the esters of citrus and juniper. This tool will allow the hands to glide well and will help carefully massage the required areas.

Anti-cellulite massage should begin with light rubbing to the ankle and calf, moving upward. Next you should produce pressure and massaging motion on the inner and anterior side of the thigh and only then proceed to massage the outer and back of thighs and buttocks. Massage each leg should take 20-30 minutes. If you conduct yourself difficult, you can use special massagers.

How to do cellulite body wrap

For wraps, it is recommended to use sea clay or seaweed. Also the procedure can be performed with anti-cellulite cream – its effect will be reinforced by thermal effects. In addition to wraps will need food film. Carry out the procedure better after the massage, after having a shower.

To wrap on the skin you need to apply the clay, seaweed or any other means of cellulite. Then the body should be covered with a film – starting from the bottom, you need to wrap polietileno legs and then buttocks. The film should fit tightly and at the same time not to press on the body. After that you should lie down, cover with a warm blanket and lie down, relaxed, 20-40 minutes (exact time depends on the means used). At the end of the wraps should take a shower.

To obtain visible result need to spend 10-12 procedures. Do body wraps after a massage you can daily or every other day.
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