You will need
  • - roller massager.
Massaging the back along the spine need. The hand holding the handle of the massager over the shoulder, every movement should move towards. Making 5-6 movements, head massager in the other hand.
Then install the fixture at the level of the waist and start to move it left and right. Making a horizontal movement, lift the tumbler up to the middle of the back. All you need to do 8-10 movements.
Massage of the neck which often suffers from a lack of mobility, is the horizontal motion. Start with the scalp and move to the blades. During the procedure, make smooth tilts the head backwards, forwards and sideways. Massage do for a minute.
Massage the abdomen and sides, make diagonal, doing 6-7 movements. Then climb to the chest. Thoracic also massaged diagonal movements – 6-8 in each direction. Avoid heavy load in the heart.
Pelvic massage starting from the desired length of the folds. Make the massager a zigzag motion, rising towards the back. Each side need to do 8-10 movements.
For massage back and front of the thigh leg and bend at the knee and put on the rise. Movements start from the knee and rise up. Don't forget to massage the side of the thighs – 8-10 movements for each region.
Removing the leg from the stand, begin the massage of the gastrocnemius muscle. Move from the foot to the popliteal region the popliteal fossa did not touch. The front surface of the leg massage is not too intense: first across and then along the muscle fibers.