Some facts about vibromassage and extra pounds

It is known that the appearance of extra pounds or their disappearance is directly linked to consumption and calorie consumption. The less calories consumed and more is spent, the faster the weight goes. What this algorithm might be relevant muscle stimulation is a vibrating massager? Virtually no. The principle of operation of any massager for weight loss – a direct impact on the muscles of problem areas figures: thighs, buttocks and belly. Waste of calories will be minimal.

The main myth, which was created by the manufacturers about their product, says that the massager supposedly destroys fat cells – splits them apart. So camera and eradicate extra inches. Today such a statement very few people are able to convince. It is possible, using only vibromassager you slightly tighten your abdominal muscles and hips, but nothing more.

Varieties of massagers on the market today are many, but all of them can be classified into three groups:
- vibration platform, where the shape effect of the massage tape;
- manual vibromassazhery with special nozzles;
- compact massagers mounted directly on the body.

The producers promise that by purchasing products, buyers get pleasure from the massage and a quick improvement in the appearance of the figure. The reality is not so. The massager works as a drainage and contributes to the excretion of water from subcutaneous fat. Which, of course, a few will affect the volume of the waist and hips. It loss liquid many people accept as true fat burning.

We must clearly understand that with a massager to acquire perfect shape and lose weight you will never succeed. Massager can only be part of a comprehensive approach to weight loss, along with proper diet and exercise.

The real benefit of vibromassager

But don't completely abandon this device and to write him off. It can bring real benefits for those seeking to lose weight with exercise. The newcomers often suffer from pain in the muscles due to heavy and unusual loads. And vibration massager perfectly derive lactic acid from the tissues and minimize muscle pain.

With vibromassager it is possible to achieve increased skin elasticity, reduce its sagging and sagging due to a sudden loss of pounds. For this purpose, the best fit is not a mini-massagers, and large models with moving tapes and rollers.


Deciding to buy vibromassager, speak to your doctor first. This drug has its contraindications: cardiovascular disease, cancer and benign tumors, thrombosis or tendency to it, urolithiasis, fever, dermatitis and hypersensitivity of the skin.