Fabrication of flower garlands with his own hands – lesson creative, impatient of the formal approach. The material can be used not only alive, but also artificial flowers, twigs with leaves, vines, buds, pine branches.

Hawaiian garland

Traditional Hawaiian necklace is a garland typically made from flowers that have a strong, pleasant aroma and bright color: Orchid, Arabic Jasmine, rose, hibiscus, plumeria. This garland is composed of one filament with flowers, and of a few intertwined.

To create a Hawaiian garland need strong thread with a length of 130-140 cm At a distance of 15 cm from one end of the thread tie a big knot that can hold flowers for a future garland. The other end of the filament threaded in the needle and begin very carefully prepared piece to string the flowers, holding the thread through their centre, and alternating with green leaves. Each flower is carefully shifted to the opposite end of the garland.

Once all the flowers are strung, both ends of the thread firmly bonded, but not cropped. If the garland will be used as a necklace, it can be removed with the help of these threads, without touching and without damaging the colors.

Garland on the frame

Creating floral garland from multiple plant species or a group of songs requires a frame. Typically, the frame is cardboard, strong cord, thick ribbon or twisted into a bundle of straw. This garland can be both one-way and volume that's available to see from all sides.

Flowers, buds, leaves, twigs first artistically laid out on a prepared base, then secure with a thin invisible wire or transparent tape. Flowers can be pre-assembled in small composite groups such bunches is first attached to a thick wire, then with it fixed on the basis.

Small bundles of green leaves and branches spread like a fan, fasten a thin wire around the stems and attach to the base between the flowers. All plants should be not very tight, not close to each other, but not to leave any blank spaces. In the empty space you can put some flowers or buds attached to the wire – it will help to give the plant a desired bend or direction.

Hanging garland

To create large and bulky hanging garlands you will need strong cord or rope that is stretched between the supports for the convenience of the formation of garlands. On the cord impose ready-made bouquets of flowers, bunches of leaves, twigs, guiding them up. The ends of the plants with wire or adhesive tape is attached to the cord, masking sheets or climbing shoots.