You will need
  • - colored paper;
  • pencil;
  • - glue or tape;
  • - a pair of scissors.
Pick up a paper garland, in many respects it will depend on the appearance and statement jewelry. It is best to choose a bright, glossy leaves of a garland will look festive and fun.
To start, try to make a chain of rings. To do this, cut out paper strips of different colors and same size. Using paper glue or Scotch tape glue the first strip into a ring. Thread the second strip inside the ring and glue it in the same way. Next striped vdevice in the second ring, they must all be connected like chain links. To continue until the garland reaches the desired length.
Try to make a garland from a long strip of paper. Bend it like an accordion and draw some figure, for example, the girl. Please note that girls hands (or other pattern elements) should rest against the bends. Carefully cut out the figure, leaving the uncut places of bends. You get the same girl, holding hands. To garland became longer, make separate several identical bellows and glue them together.
The more difficult option to work with adults: take paper in different matching colors (stylish will look the combination of: a sheet with a white-red stripes, a white sheet with red stars, etc.) and cut out identical circles or stars with an even number of ends.
Then fold them in the middle and start to stick together in pairs to create a volumetric figure. When will paste the last circle or star, attach to the center string or tape, then glue the final part shape. The amount of detail may be different, but not less than three.
If you already know how to do simple garlands, and you want a more difficult variation, try to make an openwork garland of paper. For this cut a lot of the same circles of different colors and each is double fold in half. Fold in different directions four sectors so that the circle was similar to the airplane.
Draw with pencil on the sides of the triangle semicircular notches, alternating one on the right, the other on the left. Cut them out and expand the circle should be hollow workpiece. Glue the circles in pairs to make balls. When you have a sufficient number of such balls – glue them together and stretch received the garland.