First, you need to get a pedicure. A pedicure is not a luxury but a necessity that allows you to preserve the beauty and youth of the feet. To do this, pour into a bath of warm water, add emollient. It could be soda or any special product for foot baths.
Soak feet in water for 5-10 minutes, Pat each foot with a towel and Then clean the heels with fine pumice or pedicure brush with stiff bristles. While hardened skin should be removed gradually. Do not use blade or iron brush - like ways very harmful to the skin.
Massage into each nail means to soften the cuticle. Move orange stick softened skin (to the base of the nail plate) and carefully cut it. Dry skin around the nails doesn't look good pedicure.
Trim nails in a straight line, not cutting corners. To file them with a nail file, giving a semicircular shape. For smooth application of nail Polish every nail polishing bofom. Grease foot smoothing cream. You can now apply the varnish.
Apply a base coat and let it dry. It will extend the life of your pedicure, protect, and align the nail plate.
Take a bottle of varnish. Shake it so mixed up. Take the brush as much funds as needed to cover one nail.
Paint mascara on the nail from the middle to the end and then end to its Foundation. Then gently blend the nail Polish right and left. Allow it to dry.
Apply on the nail the same way a second coat of nail Polish. Allow it to dry.
Apply on top of nail Polish fixer. It will provide luster, durability and beauty. If you suddenly touched the skin around the nail varnish, then do not despair. Take corrective pencil (pre-soak it in liquid varnish remover) and remove blots on the contour.