One sign of civilization is the emergence of various disputes between people. And, of course, you need to resolve them, and so that was justice. After all, rights and freedoms of every citizen of the country must be respected.
Competence in question with the court will help you avoid unnecessary red tape. After all, if you know in advance where to go, it will save time and money.

The court of arbitration

In the Arbitration court considering economic crimes. The category of cases in which you can apply here include various violations of the terms of certain contracts, tax disputes, issues related to entrepreneurship, etc. Full list of cases can go to Arbitration, can be read in the Arbitration Procedural Code, which regulates the activity of the judicial authority.
It is worth considering that the decision of the Arbitration court to appeal (as is usually the case in the courts of other instances) are not subject to, i.e. the verdict is final.

The structure of the Arbitration court includes several others: the Supreme arbitration, Federal district, appellate and first instance courts in different regions of the country. The proceedings in bankruptcy court is considered in several stages:
- preparation: in this phase there is the possibility of studying the case materials;
- trial: in this phase, the process with statements of witnesses and collecting all relevant evidence;
- pleadings: the moment when I can speak to the participants of the process;
- the court's decision: sentencing.
The proceedings in the Arbitration court takes about a month. This term is considered to be quite fast, even faster than in the other courts of General jurisdiction.

The criminal courts

There are several instances of courts dealing with cases falling under the jurisdiction of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation. The process also takes place in several stages, which include information gathering and search for clues, podgotvki material to the court and the process. Experts argue that criminal courts last longer in the order of arbitration. This is due to the fact that a criminal case requires a greater amount of evidence.

Courts of General jurisdiction, except for criminal, considering and even administrative offenses.

The civil court

Civil case - social phenomenon, which is quite popular in Russia. The main activities of such vessels - protection of human rights. Such courts are also held in several stages. The task of the civil court to promptly consider and resolve the matter, to contribute to the protection of the rights of a person.

Civil records is responsible for family matters (adoption, Declaration missing), the housing process, as well as administrative legal proceedings. To appeal to the civil courts of any plaintiffs, regardless of specialization of the authority. Children in such instances represent parents or guardians.

The trial - it is quite long and exhausting. So little that you will be savvy, it is better to take care of a reliable defender, i.e. a professional lawyer.