Labrador has a reputation as a favorite with the whole family and such loving, good-natured, but his proper upbringing and subsequent training are priorities for everyone who has opted for a puppy of this breed. We must remember that without a proper education, the Labrador could turn into a "domestic tyrant" and in this case, nothing good, neither the dog nor his master is not waiting.

как назван лабрадора

A little about the nature

как называется собачка которой можно делать прически

The Labrador – dog with a strong, one might even say, strong-willed, and if as a puppy it to break - "to trample down", to cope with a grown dog, to forbid him something, or to teach any commands that will be very difficult.

лабрадор как купать

To form the character of a Labrador, you need to immediately after meeting with him, and we must make every effort to ensure that the puppy clearly learned the master's "no!".

когда можно начинать дрессировать щенка лабрадора

Who's leading the pack?

как правильно воспитать лабрадора

Dog breed Labrador, however, as the representative of any other big breed getting into a new environment, trying to become the main in the pack. It is important not to miss this moment and make it clear to your pet that he is and what is not. If, for example, fluffy baby be allowed to sleep in the same bed with his master, it is easy to guess how it will look after a year and a half, when the dog will weigh all fifty-five pounds.

The dog must know its place. Master bedroom, nursery, closet, kitchen: all these rooms should be for pet strict taboo. It is important to know that beating a dog in any case impossible – it will only aggravate the disobedience. Alternatively, if disobedience, puppy, you can gently pull the back of the neck or easily touching the floor – in General, to do so, as do leaders with unruly members of the pack.

At puberty (age 6 to 12 months) Labrador puppy can once again "take up the old", pretending to "forget" everything they taught him. During this period, the dog may try to seize the initiative, but to let her this is to show weakness, that in the case of a large dog is highly undesirable. Be strict and consistent, try to get a pet from complete obedience. It is important to understand that in raising a Labrador puppy should involve all family members. In other words, if someone allows the dog what you do not allows someone else, it could lead to big problems in the future.