Advice 1: Who owns the show House 2

11 may 2004 on the screens of the country came new show "Dom-2" and the start of his winning streak. None of the authors were unaware that the project will last for many years and that the end seems far away behind the mountains.
Who owns the show House 2

Ten years under the gun

Ten years ago, fifteen people went to the perimeter to build your love and your dream house, which will benefit only one pair. Leading project first was Dmitriy Nagiev, who held the previous final of the show "House", then it was decided to replace Ksenia Sobchak and Xenia Borodina.

Fifteen young participants communicated with each other, build relationships, swearing, and every week someone has gone and in its place came a new party, the last sieve of the casting. A year later, the project was formed a few couples, and the final was decided to be postponed, as the fight was interesting and profitable for the company TNT.

The TNT channel earned a lot of money selling the idea of the show is the American company Sony Pictures Television International. This is the first project on Russian television, who are interested in abroad, and also brought in the Guinness book of world records for his unique duration.

Over ten years of existence, thirteen couples were married, five were divorced, nine persons were convicted and six were dead. Known participants continued his career on television, film, and business. Victoria Bonya, Alena Vodonaeva, Olga Buzova leading various projects, Olga "Sun" Nikolaeva promoting their music and has significant rewards. Stepan Menshikov, Roman Tretyakov, May Apricots, Anastasia Dashko – these and other names will always remember.

Who owns the show "Dom-2"

The father of the first reality shows about relationship Building" was Valery Komissarov, known in Russia as host of "My family". At the end of the show the company TNT has decided to repeat the success of this project, because there was "Dom-2", where the couples had to fight for the house, and only those that are formed during the project.

In 2009, the company Comedy Club Production, which is a multidisciplinary production centre, has bought all rights to the project "Dom-2" remains the full owner today. Founded in 2006 in her piggy Bank has projects such as the Comedy Club, Stand Up, "Univer. New Dorm", "Sashatanya", "Interns", "best film" (and all its parts), as well as numerous projects that have experienced time and for one reason or another stopped working.

The founders are Comedy Club Production Artur Janibekyan, Garik Martirosyan, Attacks Gasparyan and Artur Tumasyan.

Advice 2 : Where they filmed "Dom-2"

As regular viewers of the reality show "Dom-2", and those who watch it from time to time, I would like to know where to happen the filming of this project. We can assume that the site is located somewhere not very far from Moscow.
Where they filmed "Dom-2"
For many years in daily broadcast television show "Dom-2", where young and not so young people "build their love" in front of millions of viewers. Almost every person in the country during this time managed to see at least one issue of this rating project. Many viewers are wondering – where is geographically located the famous "House-2"?

How to learn where the "House-2"?

The location of the site, where they are shooting each release of the TV project "Dom-2", in principle, is not some mystery. Transmission removed in the Moscow suburbs is a picturesque area of the river Istra, about two kilometers from the Novorizhskoe highway. Half a kilometer from the entrance to the bridge near the village leshkovo and is the famous meadow where you are building, dwelling, and place of execution of the project.

Of course, the area is protected, so those who wish to be on the set of the TV show, must act according to the classical scenario. It involves the filling of the application form and further through the casting. If the potential participant will manifest themselves before the editors of "House-2" as a bright and charismatic personality, then some time later before it opens the famous gate. Through them we build our love go beginners and those who failed to do so. Many of the participants "House-2" had a successful career singers, entertainers and musicians after left the project.

Where is the city apartment of the participants "Houses-2"?

Under urban apartments set aside a whole building in Moscow near the metro station "Profsoyuznaya". In the same building and cafes, which take place every Thursday auditions for the selection of future participants. The plot of the TV show in the cafe hosts various parties for the participants of the reality show. Exact address: Moscow, ul. Krzhizhanovskogo, D. 29, building 5.

"Dom-2" is a stunningly successful TV show, which for nearly ten years, daily attracted to the television screens of tens of thousands of fans. The Grand prize for the couple who wins in the project - this is the huge house in the suburbs. Many ambitious young people strive to compete for that prize, and at the same time and become popular. That is why auditions every week there dozens of people. "Dom-2" is one of the most commercially successful projects on Russian television, which is why in the near future, its completion is not planned.
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