Broadcasting TNT was launched in 1998. Then he belonged to Corporation "Media-the Bridge".

TNT – how to decipher

The name meant nothing, as "Transnational Television". Since 2001, the channel joined the holding company "Gazprom Media". Since then it carry the weight with deciphering "Your New TV".

It should be noted that TNT has consolidated its position in a period of rapid development of the television market in Russia. In that moment there was a release from the monotony of a separate sector ideologies.

Overall, the canal is a recreational resource, where they often appear completely new person, able to captivate the audience. Often, the leadership of TNT casting Director in the youth serials, reality shows. Of course, that the latter contribute to the capacity rating of the channel, because everyone is interested to watch the development of relations in the online mode.

It is worth noting that many people in Russia like humorous TV shows, for example, the KVN Comedy club, which used a slightly different approach to communicate with the audience. This uses media group TNT. The channel is quite distinctive, and its program is diverse and original.

Features channel

On TNT no news topics, analytical and political programs, reviews the economic condition of the country. This allows you to relax in front of the screen and attracts the interest of young people who are unwilling to carefully and daily to view the news feed.

A huge amount of time in the grid given to sitcoms. They represent a situation Comedy where plays a ridiculous situation, which may get every person.

The management channel enables each creative team to present itself to the audience. And in the case of success under it are special projects, is a kind of "registration" on TNT.

In recent time the channel is more inclined to a humorous component, conducting a unique battle in pursuit of inclusion in a Comedy club. In addition, in the evening viewers can enjoy the masterpieces of world cinema of Russian and foreign production.

TNT are pretty progressive resource where you can get a positive attitude. And for the younger generation are often broadcast interesting cartoons in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation.

Your New Television though is not the main buttons in the format, but is developing quite rapidly and successfully.