Enter your personal information in the first graph. This includes a name, a patronymic, surname, date and place of birth. Then write the address including e-mail, phone numbers. Upload a separate column in your photo, where clearly visible face. Its size must not exceed 5 MB.
Write your height, weight and clothing size. These data are needed to make an idea about your image. And a important bust, hips and waist. Let the data on marital status, the presence of children.
List the information about education, what educational institution you graduated from, where and when. The organizers need to know about your place of work and position, as well as other professions that are owned.
Fill the box about Hobbies and talents as detailed as possible, describe in it your hobby, why it arose, what you achieve in this area. Indicate the purpose in life, what you seek, what you want from your future and what to do. What you need for happiness, if a certain amount of money, how much?
Select three positive and the same negative quality. Specify them in a separate box. Remember how many men or women in your life. In this case, it is necessary to specify those with whom he associated sexual intercourse or who was the strongest affection. What you can do to ruin other people's relationships? This graph is very important, it will judge your temperament and mood. Pre-select who you are most attractive to whom you will go to a project to develop strategies for their behavior if the right person will be paired up.
Specify the maximum time you were in a relationship, why they broke up as went through a breakup. You need to write about diseases, including chronic, how treated.
Recent questions aimed at clarifying who you see yourself on the project, why consider yourself a decent member, what do you expect from a TV show and ready to participate in other TV projects, in addition to Houseand 2. This is key information, according to him, the organizers determine suitable candidate or not. You need to come up with something unusual, to interest, to attract attention and to try to generate interest in his person. You may want to provoke a scandal with a bright party or to break the current a few with dirt on one of the young men. In any case, give full information about intentions.