Papier-mache arts, crafts used as material for making sculptures, puppets, bowls of fruit, dolls and other items. You can make a variety of crafts for the interior. The surface of the papier-mâché easily painted in the desired color, also it can decorate.

How to make jewelry from paper mache

To prepare a lot of papier-mache, you will need a junk newspaper or other paper, glue, water. Glue mix with water in a ratio of 2/1. The newspaper should be cut into strips with a width of two centimeters, or break into small pieces. To connect newspaper and glue solution and mix until a homogeneous mixture with a spoon or a brush with bristles.

If the material you take of stationery glue, keep in mind that when coloring molded products you can trap difficulties. Paint may refuse to stay on the surface. It is best before painting and primed with the product art or white acrylic primer, and then cover with paint.

Some items look better with a smooth surface. When wrapping the forms with strips of paper is not always possible to achieve perfect smoothness. But the procedure for leveling the surface is not as complex as it may seem – you just have to treat it patiently.

How to smooth the surface of papier-mache

First, it is necessary to align the most visible pits by otkleivanie there small scraps of paper. To do so until, until the surface will look more or less smooth. The product should be dried, after which the surface is treated with fine sandpaper. Treatment follow the circular light movements, the pressure should be as light as possible. Paper fibers periodically clean with a cloth. The treated surface densely cover the glue and wipe dry that the top layer became stronger. This procedure can be repeated several times to the strength of the upper layer increased. You can then proceed to the coloring, inlay, or decoration of a surface in a different way.

With a slight rough edges cover the surface with several layers of PVA glue or use spray lacquer for cars.

If the item you want to paint, after the end of the staining procedure, the surface is better to cover another, and varnish two or three coats. Polish and fit the nitro and furniture, only make sure that the paint will not "floated". The thus treated product will be smooth and shiny.