To make a box out of papier-mache, you need to start to make the material itself. Papier-mache is a weight, which is based on paper. So before working you need to stock up on old Newspapers, unnecessary paper. Still need Wallpaper glue, primer, acrylic-based, acrylic paints, brushes, varnish to consolidate and impart a beautiful view of the product.

The manufacture of papier-mache

To make papier-mache, prepared the paper should be torn into small strips. For future boxes, we must choose the form – it may be, for example, an ordinary box of small size. It is necessary to smear with vaseline, then the resulting workpiece was easy to remove. Now you need to be impregnated with water pieces of paper and paste them on the form.

For the second layer a strip of paper smeared with glue and glued to the form. Next strip next to glued lap. Thus covered the entire surface of the mold. After that, the paper is glued in several layers. The paper should be as good as possible impregnated with glue. The product then leave to dry.

Well inspect the resulting workpiece. If it seems necessary to strengthen the walls, apply a few layers of paper. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Now the workpiece should be removed from the forms and prepare the surface for decorating. From the paper box pulls the form – if it is not forgotten to lubricate with vaseline, should get it without difficulty. Jagged edges should be trimmed with sharp scissors. The lid for the box can be cut from cardboard, and can be done on the same principle as the base. In this embodiment, to attach it will not be necessary - it will just put on top.

If the cover is cut from cardboard, it is necessary to attach to the box. Using the hole punch on the cover and on the box it is necessary to make holes. They should be on the back side – they missed the cord in order to seal the cap and lower part together. Now the product should be covered with primer. The primer layer must also dry well.

How to decorate a casket made of papier-mache

One of the many options: the box is painted black or other dark paint. This will be the background. It is possible to portray a beautiful miniature, and if the wizard lacks the ability to painting, just apply the pattern with clean lines. Cap and base are fastened together by means of a cord. In conclusion, the box is varnished.

Inside the box can be painted any color, which seems appropriate in color. After drying it is necessary to process the layer of lacquer.

It is possible to decorate sculpt figurines out of salt dough and to strengthen the lid. You can create a beautiful composition of pieces of fabric, unnecessary buttons, beads, scraps of ribbon or lace.