The choice of gift depends on the specific occasion. For example, if it is international women's day, we can restrict small gift. It can be mobile phone accessories in the extraordinary case of the suspension; the maiden mug with a photo or image of her favorite music group; t-shirt with an original drawing and a favorite slogan; interesting keychain, mini mp3 player, CD with a computer game, etc.
Gift for birthday teenager choose a more serious, but on the basis of their financial capabilities. If you are relying on a small amount, you can give the headset for your computer or cell phone. It will probably be the wireless mouse with multiple types of speeds, the new generation keyboard or nice headphones. With the broad possibilities of giving a laptop, tablet or mobile phone the latest model. In any case, the child will be happy with some modern miracle of technology.
You can't go wrong if you give the girl a stuffed animal of any size. According to statistics, most girls are 13-14 years old prefer soft toys. Also almost a universal gift for a child this age is a piggy Bank with "cool" design. This gift will be to teach a teenager to save money for some of his needs, to plan their expenses. It is helpful to give the teen educational toys: ant farm, table business game, etc.
Relatives and friends girls probably know all her Hobbies. But is better specify in advance the music and color preferences of the child if she likes to read than interested. Also keep in mind that teenagers at this age are easily carried away with something new. For example, if the girl does not show interest in reading, to inspire her literature can giving modern e-book. Pre-upload files to it with books appropriate to her age.
Awaken a girl's interest to the sport, giving her fitball-ball, roller skating, a subscription to the gym or to the pool, treadmill or bike. Especially, if she have long dreamed of. Sports facilities will provide an invaluable benefit to the younger body. Because at age 13 most teenagers are experiencing difficulties because of the inability to maintain proper posture. This is caused by enhanced growth and the backlog in the formation of a muscular corset.
Enjoy young lady pure girlish fun: youth cosmetics, fine jewelry, a beautiful dress or shoes. Because most girls at the age of 13 want to look grown-up. This is the age when you can start to use cosmetics. However, all these purchases should do together with the birthday girl, to take into account all the subtleties of its taste.
Most girls love to do the interior design of your room. So give her a cute heart trinkets: picture frame, pillow, colorful bedding or a rug, etc. not to be mistaken with a choice, study in advance the color scheme in her room and taste.