Peach oil: composition, application for children and adults

The composition of peach oil include vitamins such as E, A, C, P, micro - and macroelements, polyunsaturated fatty acids necessary for human body. Obtained from seeds of peach by cold pressing, it retains all of its properties and is a powerful antioxidant and therapeutic agent. Peach oil is widely used for solving various problems, is widely used when the difficulty of nasal breathing.

If you suffer from allergic reactions or any other kind of runny peach butter will be for you a real healer. Thanks to its natural origin, oil can be regularly used as emollient for your nose, without fear of allergic reactions. To do this, instill into each nostril 2-3 drops of oil 3 times a day. The remedy soothes irritated mucous walls of the sinuses, and also prevents excessive amounts of secretions.

Peach oil is successfully used for colds. It gently eliminates the first symptoms of the disease, contributes to the alleviation of breathing and does not allow the disease to spread further. Nose oil drip not only for respiratory diseases but also with chronic tonsillitis and sinusitis.

Peach oil in the nose buried even children up to a year. It is in this period of life, they often suffer from various rhinitis and colds. A natural remedy will not harm and will not have a negative impact on the health of the child.

Peach oil has proved to be an excellent way to clear baby's nose. About 5 minutes before the daily hygiene, namely, cleaning the nasal cavity drip into each nostril of the baby two drops of oil at room temperature. Oil effectively and rapidly will soften the crust, which is in the sinuses. This procedure can be performed daily – morning and evening.

Harm peach oil

Peach oil has established itself as a harmless natural product. But you can test for individual tolerance of the tool, to do this, drip a few drops of oil on a small skin area and wait for 15-20 minutes. If there is a reaction of redness, skin irritation, etc., you can use peach oil is impossible. In this case, try to find other natural healing tools-analogs.