The variety of flavors Monin syrups

The company "Monin", leading its activities since the beginning of the 20th century is unattainable leader in the manufacture of thick syrups. The secret of its success is simple – the company uses only the highest quality products that pass strict verification in specially equipped laboratories, and no preservatives. The collection of flavors Monin syrups is constantly updated. Today it includes more than hundred items.

Monin Premium syrups with the highest concentration. Monin Keddy – a cheaper version of the same flavors, but not with such a high amount. Rather, additional flavors, coffee, cakes, chocolate or ice cream. Recently, the company produces Monin SugarFree with sugar replaced by fructose, which without harm for health can enjoy diabetics and adherents of diets.

Fruity and floral 'library' of flavors Monin make up a large part of the product range. They are quite familiar options like Apple, orange, apricot, strawberry, plum, lavender, raspberry, watermelon, melon, banana, black currant, and even the elder, and exotic lemongrass, guava, kiwi, Sicilian orange blossom, rose.

In the collection of "Monin" also presents a line nut (almond, macadamia, hazelnut, pistachio, etc.), confectionery (chocolate, honey, praline, tiramisu, buble-gum, creme brulee, caramel sweet and salty, etc.), spices (Basil, cardamom, ginger, anise, cinnamon, tarragon, etc.) and, of course, alcohol (Mojito, Amaretto, blue Curacao, gin, tequila, whisky, Caipirinha, etc.). Syrups are consumed quite economically, which compensates for their relatively high price.

Applications of Monin syrups

The most common application of the Monin syrups are cocktails and soft drinks. In order to obtain a glass of the finest beverage, you do not need to be a bartender, it is only necessary to have in the kitchen a bottle labelled "Monin". 10-30 ml of its contents was diluted freshly squeezed juice, energy drink, milk, tea or alcohol. Here is one of the most popular recipes – mix strawberry 10 ml and 30 ml watermelon syrup 30 ml vodka and 60ml of cranberry juice. To make lemonade mix in the right amount of simple or carbonated water 7-8 times a smaller amount of syrup.

Magic becomes coffee or tea, if you pour in a Cup a few drops of Monin. However, it should be borne in mind that not every taste will fit in this case, other syrups may just curl up in contact with boiling water, milk or cream. That is why the company defined a special branch for coffee or tea connoisseurs, which includes most flavors of nut, confectionery lines and tastes of alcohol and spices. When you create a drink you should consider some points: for espresso should not exceed 5 ml syrup, latte or cappuccino – 20-30 ml, and coffee cocktail – 30 ml. in addition, we must remember that the syrups to fructose have a more pronounced sweetness, and therefore should be used at a lower dosage.