The child's birthday is a fun holiday for the whole family! This day the house is filled with cheerful hubbub and congratulations. Everything has to be special, table, entertainment program, and an invitation to the feast. Of course, you can buy ready-made invitation cards, but it would be better if your child will make them, with your help, of course.

Postcard "Funny bees"

So, for production you will need bubble wrap, which is Packed equipment and other fragile items, paint yellow (two shades). The difference in colors should be visually noticeable, but not significant, black handle and base, which may be paper or cardboard of different colors. So, first a sheet of paper or cardboard folded in half, then tape applied paint the lighter shade.

Next, the baby imprints the film on paper – work cell. To obtain a bee or bees in the paint more dark and rich hue, dipped the thumb of his imprint in the right place and quantities to get the foundations for our future bees. After the paint is dry, marker, or felt-tip black or brown on the fingerprints draws the bee, tracing her outline. Inside of the postcard is glued or fit the invitation with the date of the celebration.

Card "Pen"

This kind of cards is rather creative, besides, they look fun, and fully reflect the essence of the upcoming celebration. So, for the manufacture of such cards, we need paper, paint, several colors, prefer brighter tones and colors, and brush. Lay the paper over the surface and arbitrary colors apply a fine spray. Now you can take the child's hand and paint the fingers and the palm of arbitrary colors.

Hand painted child leans to the postcard to print. On one card it is possible to place several of these "seals". The combination of colors can be changed as the manufacture of various types of cards. In addition, this card can be decorated with ribbons and stickers. The flight of your imagination has no limits! Stick the stickers and adding Shine using bright colours or some ornaments, you will make each card unique and original, intrigued the guests, in addition, such a creative approach will be delighted and the child.

Fantasize and create with your child!