At the bottom of the bubbles drops for eyes, nose and ears can form crystals that when backfilling irritate and injure the mucosa. Therefore, the optimal retention period such funds after opening the vial — not more than a month. If you didn't open the bottle of medication, please note on temperature — not higher than 15 (even though I sometimes write the labels on the admissibility of 25).
Printed Zelenka and iodine perfectly stored until the expiration date. They may not even lose its medicinal properties after it, but it is better to buy a new one — their price is low. A after opening the bottle discarded plastic from the cap. But in vain! Even without it, and more convenient to get to the content, it protects the funds from any air. If the path is open, from the brilliant green alcohol evaporates and it becomes too concentrated, and the iodine evaporates.
With a familiar with hydrogen peroxide, things are different: its term of validity — not more than six months, and after the first use — only 10 days. The fact that this antiseptic emit active oxygen always. After depressurization of the bottle this reaction is accelerated, and very soon the bubble does not remain anything, except water.
In large letters write on the package the shelf life of drugs, refrain from habits to stock up on medicines for the future.