You will need
  • - sterile bottle made of dark glass.
The drug was the most effective action, and the silver will settle on the walls of the storage container, store the solution in a cool, dark place. All the pharmacies release the finished product in a tightly closed container of dark glass. The shelf life of the finished product is 30 days.
If you prepare the drug at home, do not use the iron and plastic tanks, breed protargol in sterile containers of glass, glass mix with a spoon. The finished product, pour vials of dark glass and store in the refrigerator. Before using shake thoroughly. Dilute the preparation with boiled water at room temperature. Independently prepared solution store on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator in a tightly closed container. The shelf life is 30 days.
The dry preparation in the form of a powder store in dry, dark, cool place, avoiding direct sunlight and moisture. If the powder gets wet, it must be destroyed, as for the further use are unsuitable.
If you keep protargol in a warm place, proteinic silver breaks down and its use becomes impractical. The same applies to storage in a bright place or under direct sunlight. Under the influence of light silver simply precipitated and not dissolved by reason of crystallization. Therefore, such a solution should be destroyed by reason of unsuitability.
If you plan on using the drug inside, get a doctor's recommendation, as Proteinate silver absolutely is not a very safe drug, as previously thought. The excess silver in the body are deposited in all internal organs and causes serious illnesses. In addition, the color of the skin may acquire a bluish or grayish shade that is not treatable even with the elimination of the drug with the silver content.