Spathiphyllum is a very showy, flowering plant that does not tolerate neglect. Any defect in the care, lighting, watering or fertilizing immediately affect the condition of the flower, what signal problems with the leaves of the plant. The leaves may begin to yellow, blacken at the edges, dry, covered with brown spots is the main sign that the flower is in urgent need of help.

The lack of moisture

Being a native of the humid tropical climate, Spathiphyllum not tolerate dry air in the room. Most often health problems of the flower starts at the ignition of Central heating. Typically, potted plants are placed on the window sills, under which is located the radiator and rising from them up the warm air, literally dries the leaves of the flower. Dry tips of leaves – the first sign of lack of moisture.

To provide the plant with necessary humidity, you need to regularly clean the dust from the leaves, spray them with water from a spray bottle. In addition, an effective measure to maintain the desired humidity level can be setup with a flower pot on a tray, covered with drainage in the form of sand, pebbles or clay pellets, flooded with water.

The excess moisture

Another reason for drying of the tips of the leaves of the Spathiphyllum can be, oddly enough, abundant watering. Trying to compensate for the lack of moisture, host plants may develop an excessively it to water, resulting in water stagnation, which the root system is unable to cope.

The best way to ensure the plant is moist atmosphere is planting in a pot moistened with water layer of moss or the use of a double container. A flowerpot is placed into another container, larger, and the space between them filled with moist peat. In addition, among the plants can be placed in an open container with water, the evaporated water will maintain the humidity.

Errors in feeding

If the Spathiphyllum began to blacken and dry out the tips of the leaves, the reason may lie in the insufficient amount of mineral substances. The problem can be solved by using soil application of fertilizers containing nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. Will not hurt the plant and specialized integrated nutrient added to the soil throughout the year.

The location of the plant

One of the reasons the Spathiphyllum can dry the tips of the leaves is the unfortunate location of the pot. The plant does not tolerate as direct sunlight, and hypothermia. If directly into a vase with a flower directed jet of air from the air conditioner blowing in from the window, the first on a similar problem will respond the tips of the leaves will start to blacken and dry.