Why yellow leaves of the Spathiphyllum

Owners are often concerned about appearing on the tips of the leaves of Spathiphyllum small yellowish-brown spots, later they spread to the entire leaf, which then dries up and dies. Causes can be multiple: in addition to some diseases, yellowing leaves can be caused by the entry of plants in preparation for flowering, when all the nutrients from the leaves and roots go into the development of the peduncles, or the period after flowering, when the plant is depleted and needs rebuilding.

Another reason – the process of decay of old leaves, in return for which the plant throws out young shoots; it is possible that this is caused by tight pot and the plant needs a transplant. Incorrect watering or drying clod of earth can also cause discomfort to the plants. Moreover, the yellowing of the tips of the leaves may indicate the need to plant nutrition with phosphorus and nitrogen.

How to help Spathiphyllum

First you need to analyze the cause of the yellowing leaves. If the Spathiphyllum growing in the same container for a long period of time, you should try to replant it in another pot. Thus it is necessary to carefully inspect the root system: healthy roots should be creamy white, if discovered dark brown, rotten roots – you have to cut them, handle the root system in a strong solution of potassium permanganate, and slices of powdered wood ashes.

For a transplant is necessary to use special soil for room flowers which you need to freeze or fry, to get rid of possible pests or diseases. On the bottom of the pot you want to pour large gravel layer 1.5-2 cm for drainage. If the cause yellowing of the leaves was close to the pot, the new capacity should be 3-4 cm longer than the previous one, and the plant itself will be split. When transplanting it is necessary to remove yellow and dried leaves to prevent fungal diseases spray the Spathiphyllum soap-ash solution.

In the future it is necessary to consider the needs of plants to be sprayed with water and fertilizing: during the growing season when watering should be regularly once a month to make a comprehensive fertilizer flower (during flowering fertilizer you need to give more), and to humidify the air around the Spathiphyllum with the spray. Also need to make sure that the plant does not get direct sunlight will cause leaf burn. With proper care Spathiphyllum thank the owners of lush and long flowering, releasing many original stems wrapped in an unusual white blanket.