A possible reason for the lack of flowering

Lilacs may not bloom due to excess shading. Best of all, this plant feels in well-lit areas of the garden and in the shade will grow but will not bloom. The lighting conditions can change due to new construction, which appeared on the site, or the grown tree, giving dense shade.

Incorrect pruning can also affect flowering of this shrub. If you break off the blossoms of lilac together with the shoots, which produce new flower buds, the plant will bloom only in a year. Overly dense shrubs will also stop flowering.

Lilac blooms worse due to the oversupply of nitrogen fertilizers and moisture. In addition, this shrub may freeze solid in the cold of winter.

Some varieties of lilacs propagated by planting buds on rootstock of lilac. If this plant will die vaccinated escape, will go into growth stock, but of course, its flowers will be different from the variety of lilac.

How to troubleshoot reasons why lilacs won't bloom

It is best even before planting of lilacs to choose for her a well-lit place in the garden with a low groundwater level. If it was found that the selected location is shaded, should be transplanted the hive to a more suitable site as soon as possible. Old lilacs can not tolerate a transplant, difficult to survive in the new place and, of course, long bloom. The same applies to young plants that are transplanted with exposed roots. It is best to plant the plants together with the soil clod.

To lilacs every spring, pleasing to the eye abundant flowering, it should be properly and timely crop. Young Bush is usually formed in plant height of a meter and a half meters, leaving him five or six skeletal branches. Dry branches and weak shoots growing inside the shrub should be removed. Vaccinated varietal lilac remove shoots appearing on the rootstock. This is done in early spring.

Cutting off blossoms of lilac, should be left to last year's thread a few emerging shoots. That they formed flower buds that will bloom next spring. Some gardeners recommend removing blossoms after the lilacs will Bud, giving seed to ripen.

Old, dense Bush of lilacs can be rejuvenated by cutting in early spring, dead branches and cut off the ends of the remaining, about a third the length.