Do I need to Prime the walls before covering walls with Wallpaper?

The answer to this question is quite concise. Of course, the walls before pasting the surface of the Wallpaper must be primed. First of all, the procedure of the primer due to the fact that the Wallpaper is holding on tight. Naturally and without the use of primer, the Wallpaper may not come off. And with the use of the primer layer cannot give an absolute guarantee that in the future will not have problems with repairs and Wallpaper. However, if the wall is still primed, the risk that the Wallpaper will fall off or have other problems becomes much less. This means that to neglect the procedure of priming the walls should not be.

The effect of priming is easy. The primer fills the cracks and pores on the surface of the wall. In addition it binds the dust particles caused by construction activities. As Wallpaper glue is completely absorbed into the wall, it's likely that the Wallpaper will not fall off. Also the cost of glue having a slight. The main advantage of priming the walls is the strength of attachment of the Wallpaper to the wall. Thus, the Wallpaper would be better to stay on the surface and not to deviate at the corners and at the joints.

Priming the walls Wallpaper glue

The construction market there are special liquid primer. However some people resort to priming with the use of Wallpaper paste. However, jump to the conclusion that this procedure would be better, not worth it. The fact that only some manufacturers glue allow you to use it as a primer. This certainly should be mentioned on the packaging or in the instructions for use. In addition, you need to browse the recommendations about the proportions of water and glue. If the packaging no label, allowing you to use the glue as a primer, the material for the preparation walls should be replaced by acrylic primer.

Do I need to wait until dry Wallpaper glue?

Many people getting started priming the walls Wallpaper glue, think about whether you want to wait until it dries. Of course, it is best to wait. Thus, the best glue will be absorbed into the wall surface and the Wallpaper will stick stronger and longer. However, the major role is played by the composition of the Wallpaper glue. If based Wallpaper adhesive contains cellulose, then the soaking and drying, it will retain all its characteristics. Glue on a starch based it is better to give time to dry.