To remain satisfied with the result of their work and to efficiently painted walls pleasing to the eye until the beginning of the following "global" repair, you must know some important points. We are talking about the preparation of walls before painting.

Cleaning of walls

Before you start painting, you need to very thoroughly clean the wall surfaces from any kind of contamination. In order to simplify the work, you can wash the walls with hot water, adding a little detergent. After drying, the wall should be puttied all the available recesses and cracks.

You must also check the condition of the walls for stragglers plaster. For this you can just knock on the wall some wooden object and in the places where you will hear a hollow sound, remove the plaster. After that you should putty the trouble. Important: to align the walls only need to use high quality plaster filler from leading manufacturers.

After treated area is completely dry, it needs a good Polish. To use for this can be ordinary sandpaper with medium grain size. After sanding it is important to remember to brush away from the wall all the accumulated dust.


After the elimination of defects in the walls finished, it is necessary to be engaged in their priming. Special attention should be paid to the problematic places, such as corners at the junction of the walls and ceiling.

Many people neglect priming, than after some time can really regret. The fact that a quality primer mixture indispensable in the joints of the walls, especially at the joints of the walls and ceiling. This compound, which is a white liquid with a characteristic and pronounced odor, is a great way to ensure a strong and durable adhesion (adhesion material).

To Prime the walls with a brush, if necessary, apply the primer again. To apply the liquid must thoroughly, making sure that she got every square inch of the wall.

As a rule, high-quality primer of deep penetration (for example, Ceresit CT 17) and dries completely within five to six hours. Important: to avoid possible problems painting the walls should be started only after complete drying of the primer.

Tip: to paint the walls, you can use the rollers that come with trays for the paint. In order to reach inaccessible places, you can use a special telescopic rod that is commercially available at any hardware store.